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Daniel Rand

Appearing in "Seven Capital Cities of Heaven (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Seven Capital Cities of Heaven (Part 2)"

In scenes from many years ago, Wendell Rand is shown sparring with the Temple students. He struggles to keep Orson Randall's training while discarding Orson's doubts about him and his skill. Further on in another training session, Wendell beats Davos mercilessly in a fight, refusing to yield.

In the present time, Daniel Rand studies The Book of the Iron Fists in preparation for his fight in the Tournament. He discovers that his powers and capabilities have grown exponentially. While he studies, a masked girl intrudes upon his meditation. Danny fights with her briefly until she gives him pause by asking him about the secrets of Orson Randall. Confused, Danny fails to block a kick that catches him squarely in the face. The girl tells him that he must lose his upcoming match with Fat Cobra.

After losing the match, Danny follows the girl through a network of hidden passages toward a machine that is a bridge between K'un Lun and the common world. The girl tells Danny that her grandfather, Phineas Randall, built the machine. She also reveals to Danny that there is a man named Ernst Erskine who was her father's biographer and who knows the whole story of Orson's life. Danny heads toward the machine and finds himself in the icy mountains of the common world. Meanwhile, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing are in the same frozen village trying to track down Jeryn who was kidnapped by Xao and his Hydra minions.


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