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Quote1 Hope. Exodus. You have to help me. I'm-- Jean is the house where I live--and I am the house where Jean Grey lives. The White Hot Room is where the Phoenix lives. You'll learn more about me, boys, in time! I hope I wasn't too rough... Quote2
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Synopsis for "The White Hot Danger Room"

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Xavier swore he would stay on Krakoa and defend its memory. He's leaving. There must be a good reason to leave one doomed island for another – and the dark secrets that await beneath Muir Island. Meanwhile, something is very wrong with Jean...or is it something very right?


  • Many of Jean Grey's lines come from previous issues:
    • "Now and forever--I am Phoenix," is from X-Men #101, X-Men #134, etc. (Phoenix Force)
    • "I thought I was dead. Waiting to come together, in the White Hot be born anew...all in good time. But it's not time, is it? Yet here I am? Am I? Something's wrong," is from X-Men Phoenix Endsong #1. (Phoenix Force)
    • "What kind of school is this, sir? I have a right to know!" is from X-Men #1. (Jean Grey)
    • "My consciousness--my form and its ability to communicate on this plane of existence--derive from you. They provide an...awareness of your dormant emotions and memories..." is from Classic X-Men #8. (Phoenix Force to Jean Grey)
    • "You guys make me sick!! What happened to your commitment to Professor X's dream? All I know is--I'm not going to stand around twiddling my thumbs while our kind are totally wiped from the face of the Earth," is from X-Factor #1. (Jean Grey)
    • "But the fires of the Phoenix burns through lies, you understand? The gaze of the Phoenix is like an x-ray tearing through every deception," is from New X-Men #139. (Jean Grey)
    • "No longer am I the woman you knew. I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever--I am Phoenix!" is from X-Men #101 and X-Men #134. (Phoenix Force)
    • "Jean is the house where I live," is from New X-Men #128. (Phoenix Force)
    • "You'll learn more about me, boys, in time!" is from X-Men #1. (Jean Grey)
    • "I hope I wasn't too rough..." is from X-Men #1. (Jean Grey)
    • "I can't screen everyone's thoughts. Some of the images I'm receiving are so...vile. But I can handle that. Part of me almost finds those thoughts...attractive," is from X-Men #130. (Phoenix Force)
    • "Our paths will cross no more. My destiny lies in the stars," is from X-Men #135. (Phoenix Force)
    • "Can't help myself! I don't want to anymore! I'm reacting to their thoughts, not their words. You fear me, all of you, and with good reason. What I do to this plant...I can just as easily do to you," is from X-Men #136. (Phoenix Force)
    • "Do you have any idea what you've done--what forces you've set in motion?! You came to me when I was vulnerable. You filled the emotional void within me. You made me trust you--perhaps even love you--and all the while, you were using me!" is from X-Men #134. (Phoenix Force)
    • "It's not time yet, is it? Cold...dying? I'm never cold. And I can't die. Can I?" is from X-Men Phoenix Endsong #1. (Phoenix Force)
  • The White Hot Room is linked to Tiphareth in Defenders: Beyond #3, though the Phoenix itself has been linked to Tiphareth since X-Men #108 and X-Men #135.

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