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Emma Frost

Appearing in "Part Two: All Mankind’s Woes"

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  • X-Mech (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Part Two: All Mankind’s Woes"

Having just transformed the External Gate into a giant rampaging monster, Selene retreats to Coven Akkaba, waiting for the Quiet Council to come begging for her help.

The other council members prepare to fight the beast, managing to injure it, but are told by Destiny and Doctor Nemesis to stop, as destroying the creature will mean the end of Krakoa's network of portals. The council turns their attention to defending civilians as Mr. Sinister manages to delay the monster. Destiny informs Hope Summers of a vision she has seen; at 19:07, Selene will step by a window in London, stand there for a second, sigh, and then she will die. Borrowing Magik's teleportation powers, Hope ensures the vision comes true, by teleporting to London and assassinating Selene.

Selene is rapidly resurrected by the Five, and while she is still weakened, Exodus forces his way into her mind, and forces her to undo the spell animating the External Gate, before snapping her neck. At a council meeting later, Hope defends her decision to assassinate Selene, but the council chooses to leave the matter. Xavier asks Hope if she would bring Selene back if she were at the top of the queue, but Hope tells him they should table that discussion for now.

Sinister points out that animating the External Gate required significant power, and that perhaps it's worth resurrecting Selene just to learn how she did it. Destiny dismisses the idea, telling him she doesn't think that ends well for him. When Sinister questions her concern for him, she tells him that they must be on the same side, as she has told him before. Sinister, however, has no memory of her telling him this.

As Destiny and Mystique leave the council chambers, Destiny begins to feel dizzy, telling Mystique she hasn't felt this way for over a century at least. She begins thinking of a bed, a summer, before she collapses. She begins mumbling "you're a ghost" over and over, as Mystique rushes over to help her.

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Magneto leaving the council means big shoes need to be filled. Selene demonstrating her foot size by crushing the whole island beneath it is unorthodox, yet compelling. Can the Quiet Council resist?

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