Imogen was a traveling thief who spent at a least 100 years in search for a mysterious artifact called the Crucible. She met with the slaver called Broker and purchased Century from him. Imogen needed Century's teleportation ability to travel to the dimension the Crucible was located in. Century was forced to teleport Imogen and her crew to the dimension. After arriving, however, they were immediately overwhelmed by Azimuth, the guardian of the Crucible. Azimuth told Imogen and her crew that they weren't welcome there. When Azimuth was distracted while talking with Century, Imogen struck her with a magical attack, knocking her into a coma. Imogen then grabbed the Crucible and fled while Century and her crew were fighting off the Broker. She hasn't been seen since.[1]


  • Longevity: Imogen apparently lives longer than a normal human. She had searched for the Crucible for 100 years and yet has retained the appearance of a young women.
  • Magic: Imogen possessed magic powers of unknown strength. The only ability she has demonstrated is the capability of projecting force bolts that could render victims unconscious.


Imogen is apparently able to recruit unlikely allies to her cause, indicating great charisma (or perhaps mind control).

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