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The Imperfects is a group of Metahumans mutated by extraterrestrial doctor Niles Van Roekel. Van Roeckel chose Earth to perform experiments on their species in order to enhance them to battle an alien creature from his planet of origin.

Van Roeckel chose Johnny Ohm, a criminal sentenced to the Electric Chair; Maria Petrova, a Russian former ballerina who lost the motion of her legs due to a car accident caused by an Earthquake; Keith Killiam, a former Pentagon scientist who became infected from the virus whose cure he was working on; Reiko Kurokaki, daughter of a Yakuza member; Benedetta Gaetani, the daughter of magicians whose face was damaged by criminals; Maya, an amazonian warrior and a group of U.S. Marines who were killed in battle.

Van Roeckel's experiments gave these subjects a new "life" becoming The Imperfects. Ohm retained his name while the others became Fault Zone (Petrova), Hazmat (Killiam), Solara (Reiko), Wink (Benedetta), Paragon (Maya) and Brigade (all the soldiers were dismembered and pieced together in a Frankenstein manner).

The Imperfects faced in battle against the many heroes from New York City, amogst them Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man and others.

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