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The Imperial Guard was loyal to Emperor D'Ken who sought to seize the power of the M'Kraan Crystal. When the X-Ternals came to the Shi'ar Galaxy seeking a shard of the crystal to fix reality, they clashed with the Imperial Guard. The X-Ternals escaped, and the Imperials allied themselves with Madri Rictor who was accidentally teleported along with the X-Ternals. They tracked down the X-Ternals and battled them again. However, the unstable M'Kraan Crystal sent a crystallization wave that struck the planet crystallizing many of the Imperial Guardsmen[1].

The only surviving member was Gladiator who took Rictor to the planet where the Crystal was kept along with Emperor D'Ken. Gladiator was crystallized as well battling Sunspot[2].

The fate of the Imperial Guard following the restabilization of the Crystal is unknown.

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