The Imperial Guard before their Brood infection

The Imperial Guard's history is presumably similar to their Earth-616 counterpart's. As part of a diplomatic mission, the Imperial Guard received a new member from Earth, the teenager superhero Hyperion. He eventually became a trusted member of the Imperial Guard and helped stop Deathbird from seizing the Shi'ar throne. The Imperial Guard then made their way to Deathbird's secret hideway known as the Treasure World, which was located in a bubble dimension between the universe and the Negative Zone. The Imperial Guard learned too late that Deathbird had been experimenting on Brood parasites that were believed to be extinct that began infecting the Imperial Guard's members. Hyperion, immune to the Brood's parasitism, was forced to seal the entrance to Treasure World, stranding the rest of the Imperial Guard so that they wouldn't infect the rest of the universe.[1]

The infected Imperial Guard would eventually escape Treasure World and apparently infect the Shi'ar Empire, creating the Brood Imperium and turning the Shi'ar throneworld of Chandilar into their throneworld. The Imperial Guard were opposed by Hyperion and banished them to the Negative Zone. The Imperial Guard were able to escape along with other villains banished by Hyperion. They went to Cape Canaveral to steal a ship to get back to Chandilar, but they were stopped by Hyperion and once again banished to the Negative Zone.[2]



Majestor's Mercy


Hyperion's time training with the Imperial Guard is a pastiche of the way Superboy trained with the Legion of Super-Heroes, the team the Imperial Guard is a pastiche of.

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