The Empire of Japan was formed in 1868, an absolute constitutional monarchy that saw Japan become a major world power due to it's heavy militarization of the 1920's and 30's.

On Earth-616 most of the history of Imperial Japan, including major battles and campaigns mirror that of the real world. This article merely covers the interactions of the Imperial Japanese army that are unique to Earth-616. For a full historical account of the Imperial Japanese army, please refer to Wikipedia.

As one of the primary aggressors during World War II, the Imperial Japanese army was featured as a major antagonist in many of Marvel's Timely eras of publication with a fictional history that spans 70 years of publication. For an abridged of the history of Imperial Japan see the abridged history. An expanded membership of the Imperial Japanese army can be found here while a listing of their war machines unique to Earth-616 can be found here.


The Empire of Japan would not be overly active in undermining American interests during this period. However, in August of 1940 they would send spies led by Satokata Matsu to commit acts of sabotage and steal the plans for a supposedly unsinkable warship. This plot would be thwarted by Merzah the Mystic and his associates. Ultimately, while attempting to flee Merzah, Matsu would end up in a fatal car accident and his minions would be arrested[1].


In March of 1941, Imperial Japan attempted to dig a tunnel from between Japan and Alaska. This plot would be discovered by the Sub-Mariner after he ruined a similar plot orchestrated by the Nazis[2]. Namor, with the assistance of the Human Torch found and destroyed this tunnel[3].

Later, in June of '41, Japanese spy Matzu was smuggled into the United States to undermine efforts by Chinese immigrants in New York to collect money for the Chinese war effort. This effort would be stopped by the Human Torch and his partner Toro[4]. That same month, as the Young Allies fled across Asia with British Agent Zero to protect a secret code, they were briefly opposed by agents of Imperial Japan[5].

By August of that year, the Japanese targeted American ships off the coast of Hawaii with their giant vessel the Dragon of Death, piloted by Captain Okada. Okada would be slain and his massive submarine sank by Captain America and Bucky[6]. That same month, Nazi operative Dame Kackle smuggled Japanese spies into New York. This operation was foiled by the Defender and his sidekick Rusty[7].

In September, Imperial Japan sent its agent Fang to stop Chinese ambassadors from collecting war loan from the United States in Washington D.C. Once again, Japanese efforts were foiled by the Captain America and Bucky[8].

US Lieutenant Curtis learned of Imperial Japans efforts to ally themselves with the Philippines in December of 1941. In order to stop Curtis from reporting this to his superiors, Japanese spies would send Philippino assassin Ginaldo to silence him[9]. This effort would be opposed by the Patriot, ending in Ginaldo's capture[10].

On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Tipped off by the attack, the Human Torch and Toro were dispatched to help stave off the attack. However the attack caused massive casualties and caused the United States to officially enter the war[11]. On the following day, the Torch and Toro attacked Japanese subs in retaliation. Between December 11th the Sub-Mariner got permission from the Untied States Navy to attack Japanese forces with his army of Atlanteans Namor tracked down Japanese battle ships and softened them up for American forces to finish off[12].


During the start of 1942, the Japanese stepped up their aggressions towards the United States and combat broke out across the Pacific. A trade embargo placed on Japan by the United States led to the Black Dragon Society stealing oil from the United States and shipping it to Japan. The society were stopped and their operation smashed by the Human Torch and Toro[13].

By the spring of 1942, Japanese spy Moppino through the Sun Temple attacked New York with an "Atom Expander Ray", destroying the Statue of Liberty and Government Island before being stopped by the Torch and Toro. As they attempted to flee in a Japanese sub, it was sank by the two heroes and Moppino and his men drowned. While on an island out on the pacific, Mysto the Magician, a Japanese spy, captured a high ranking military official but was foiled by Captain America and Bucky who also stopped an air raid on the base they were stationed at[14].Japanese spy calling himself Agent X also hired jewel thief Yo Lanar to steal diamonds used in factories to make weapons, but this plot was stopped by Father Time. After this Agent X was stationed in a massive battle ship disguised as an island to destroy American ships. His base was destroyed by the Human Torch and Toro. Instead of facing capture, Agent X jumped onto an enemy bayonet when brought to Australia as a prisoner. Also at this time, the Japanese constantly clashed with the Sub-Mariner. When Japanese forces wiped out opposition on Wake Island and captured many American soldiers including the brother of police woman Betty Dean. Her brothers were rescued by the Sub-Mariner who smashed the operation on Wake Island. Chasing Colonel Yama to Guam, Namor would defeat Japanese forces there with Yama being killed in the confrontation[15]. When Japanese forces attempted to invade Australia, their efforts were hampered by the Sub-Mariner until Allied Forces could arrive and destroy the rest of the fleet. Japanese agents on the island of Manila then captured spy Gi-Gi Devens, but the Sub-Mariner came to her rescue wrecking their operations there as well. While stateside Japanese spy Hutsu used a sleeping cult to get secrets from government agents, this plot was foiled by the Angel, Hutsu committed suicide rather than face capture[16]. Also during this period, Japanese warlord known as The Khan attempted to invade Alaska through a secret tunnel under the Pacific, but was thwarted by the Young Allies.

In May of that year, Hugh Bradley an expert on Native Americans betrayed his country by allying himself with Japanese spies. He devised the identity of "The Vulture", attacking American convoys until stopped by Captain America and Bucky[17]. Also during this time Japanese agents in a zeppelin dropped their flesh eating protoplasmic creature called the Jelly Man on New York City. The creature and the spies were all destroyed by the Vision; and Nazi spy Gondor used his San Francisco funeral home as a staging ground for smuggling Japanese saboteurs into the country. Smuggling them into the US through the coffins of dead American soldiers. This plot was exposed by the Angel[12]

By the summer, Japanese scientist Dr. Hideko Togu synthesized a formula that transformed him into a vampire. He then went to the United States to slay high ranking military officials until he was slain by Captain America and Bucky[18]. While out in the Pacific, Captain Nitsu and Admiral Nippo planted false submarine periscopes in the ocean to make American ships waste ammunition. When the plot was learned by the Sub-Mariner, he captured Nitsu and Nippo and turned them over to the Americans and then gave the Japanese a taste of their own medicine[19]. While this was going on Emperor Hirohito traveled to Berlin, Germany, to meet with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini to discuss the state of the war. Their meeting was briefly interrupted by the Victory Boys who came to the rescue of one of their own captured by the Nazis. During the encounter, Hirohito was insulted by the young heroes. While in Panama, an American base off the Panama Canal was attacked by Japanese forces. This attack was fought off in part thanks to the fast action of Sargent Jeff Dix. He later saved his friend and Navy cook Fish Face Friday from a Japanese assassin who sneaked aboard their vessel[20].

In June of 1942, Japanese subs disguised as sharks attacked an American port in Santa Cruz, but the operation was foiled by the Vision and an American anti-espionage agent who helped sink the master sub out in the Pacific. While at another port the Patriot destroyed a crab shaped sub used by Japanese agents to sink American ships[21]. The Patriot once more clashed with Japanese forces in July of that year, when he had learned that a prisoner exchange was going to be a double cross. Smuggling himself into Japan, the hero destroyed the Japanese vessel before fleeing back to the United States[22]. In August, Japanese spy Ah Knee informed his superiors of a supply convoy traveling through the Chinese mountains. This convoy was attacked, by the attack was stopped by the Fighting Yank and Ah Knee committed suicide to avoid capture[23]. While on a remote island near Australia, a Japanese scientist used an evolution ray to change lizards into high evolved Ape-Men, and also captured Jeff Mace, and his reporter friends Jack Casey and Mary Morgan. Before the scientist could use the evolution ray on them, Jeff (as the Patriot) instead turned it on the scientist, devolving him into a lizard and used it to stop the Ape Men from attacking Australia by restoring them to their natural evolution. While in San Fransisco, boy detective Terry Vance, his pet monkey Dr. Watson and reporter Deadline Dawson were captured by Japanese spies and put aboard a remote control sub to attack San Fransisco while they also attacked San Diego. Terry and his friends managed to turn the sub around and send it crashing into the Japanese ship, destroying it and killing the crew[24].

By the fall, the so-called Mock Mikado traveled up from Mexico with Japanese forces to invade the United States as part of a decades old plot to rule over the United States. His invasion plans were ruined by Captain America, Bucky and the United States Army. While in Los Angeles, Japanese spy Professor Gojo managed to trick American authorities into thinking he was loyal to the United States while plotting an air raid on California. The plot was exposed by the Sub-Mariner who led the US Navy in destroying the island where Gojo's forces were stationedAll Winners Comics #6. Another invasion attempt through the California coastline was assisted by the Nazi agent known as the Owl who had Japanese invaders pose as actors in a movie about the Young Allies. The plot was exposed an the Japanese invaders were wiped out by the Young Allies, Captain America and the Human Torch[25].

September saw Captain America and Bucky invade Japan to destroy a massive cannon that could launch shells across the Pacific Ocean. There they rescued their spy friend Betty Ross and destroyed the cannon, killing the Paw the Japanese agent who invented the device in the process[26]. In October, the Japanese began focusing on India, attempting to start an invasion by convincing local Indians to clear the beaches with their elephants. This plot was thwarted by the Sub-Mariner with the help of a native named Mabu. While Japanese forces landing in New Guinea learned that the local natives were not friendly to them as promised by their Nazi ally Colonel Zinzer was they had been convinced otherwise by the Patriot[27]. By November Japanese spies in India convinced the Fakir of a Indian tribe to attack American forces on patrol there. This plan was stopped by Captain America and Bucky[28]. A Japanese spy posing as an Indian ambassador flying from Australia to India to be begin an attack on Australia briefly captured Jeff Mace, Mary Morgan and Jack Casey. He was stopped and the invasion foiled by the Patriot. While back in the United States, Japanese spy Marvello the Mystic used his hypnotic powers to get his victims to steal secret plans until his operation was exposed by the Angel[29].

One year after the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese continued to feel the sting of American forces when a Japanese Zero fighter gunned down the best friend of American fighter pilot Doug Johnson. Deciding to dedicate his life to "Busting" Japanese forces, he posed as a Japanese fighter pilot and helped destroy a hidden Japanese airfield[30].


1943 saw less clashes with Japanese forces by notable super-humans and military forces. In the winter of 1943, a Japanese naval force had setup in a canal and used it as a strategic advantage over American ships passing through. Those ships sunk had their supplies stolen and the surviving soldiers placed into concentration camps to starve to death until the operation was smashed by the Sub-Mariner[31]. By this time, Japanese agents who had set up a secret base in Death Valley deployed their specially constructed air craft to attack American bases until they were destroyed by the Human Torch and Toro[32] and in the pacific the Laughing Death Patrol's gas attack on American fighter planes was destroyed by Jap Buster Johnson[33]. Nazi agent the Knife attempted to assist Japanese soldiers on Guadalcanal by posing as an American infantry man until he was exposed by the Sub-Mariner. Imperial Japanese scientist Dr. Suki smuggled himself into the United States to perform experiments there. He injected a serum in American soldiers, turning them into obedient slaves which he used to attack other Americans. He was ultimately stopped by the Sub-Mariner[34].

In the spring of '43, Japanese agent Kuhomai attempted to avenge his fathers death and disgrace by assassinating Genereal Douglas MacArthur but the plot to blow up the military base that MacArthur was visiting was thwarted by Captain America and Bucky[35]. Also during this time a plot by Japanese forces using decoy icebergs to sink American fleets is foiled by the Sub-Mariner[36]. While a tunnel from Japan to the United States overseen by the Serpent was destroyed by the Young Allies[37]. While back in the Pacific, an American gunman named Dillon betrayed his troop to maintain his Japanese loyalties to his mentor Sagoyo. This betrayal is avenged by Jap Buster Johnson who eliminates both men[38].

By the summer of that year Hirohito along with his Axis allies Hitler and Mussolini agreed to help fund the Toro's attempt to eliminate Captain America and Bucky, and attempt that ended in failure. The Japanese also found allies from the Bird,en of Pa-Pi-Ru-Gua and operated out of their tribe located in a dormant volcano until the entire area was destroyed by Captain America and Bucky[39]. Japanese agent the Whip later stole the designs for a device to test demolition explosives. This brought them all the way to Tokyo where they were once more captured by the Imperial Japanese army. They broke free with the plans, landing another humiliating personal defeat to Hirohito, and leaving the Whip to commit suicide for his failure as they fled back to the United States[40]. While Japanese agents who traveled to Shangri-La to steal the Pillow of Life and Death to gain immortality for Hirohito were wiped out by the Vision[41] and an attempt to blow up an American air craft carrier along the coast of New Guinea was foiled by Jap Buster Johnson[42].

The fall of that year saw increased clashes with super-humans and Imperial Japanese forces. Japanese agent Kioto operated from an island in the Pacific and tortured American soldiers and dumped their dead bodies to taunt American military officials until he was shut down by Captain America and Bucky[43]. Another island of natives enslaved by the Japanese was also liberated by Captain America and Bucky when they exposed an impostor posing as their medicine man Tu-Ra-Bi-Ka[44]. While in the United States Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson exposed "Chinese" dry cleaner Ruby Yen as a Japanese spy, and in China the Vision rescued American attache from Japanese soldiers before he could expose secrets he was going to share with Chinese General Kai Shek[45].

During this period, Hirohito personally saw to his agent Yoko being equipped with an outer shell of a American freighter so that he could decoy his submarine into American convoys and sink them. This plot was successful until uncovered and Yoko and his crew slain by the Sub-Mariner. While state-side, Japanese agents in California's many internment camps used tunnels constructed before the war to sneak out of the camps and signal Japanese bombers until they were exposed by the Sub-Mariner and Betty Dean[46]. Also, the Japanese stole a shrinking ray that allowed General Nikki to smuggle the "Cylinder of Doom" (a canister containing an entire battalion shrunken in size) to launch an attack on American soil. This plot was foiled by Captain America and Bucky. While the Japanese lost Isabelle Island in the Pacific when Jap Buster Johnson disguised himself as a native and learned that the Japanese were using firecrackers during battle to make it sound like they had more machine gunners than it appeared[47].

When an Australian national known as the Kangaroo offered to give the Japanese his formula that could convert human blood into gasoline they refused to accept it until he eliminated Jock Jordan, his former business partner and the only other man who knew of the formulas existence. Although the Kangaroo succeeded in eliminating Jordan, he was infected with his own formula battling the Human Torch and Toro and his notes were destroyed. While Death Valley was once more the scene of Japanese activity when Saber Tooth sprung his fellow spies from a local internment camp to stage an attack on the United States until they were all eliminated by the Sub-Mariner[48].

As the year came to a close Captain America and Bucky helped maintain the cover of Mother Wong a Chinese spy who infiltrated a high ranking position in the Japanese army. The pair of heroes also stopped an army of suicide bombers calling themselves the Symbol of Doom from blowing up American infrastructure. While the Human Torch and Toro stopped the Japanese loyalist the Beetle from unleashing an army of Japanese Beetles biologically engineered to have poison bites[49]. While at this time the Sub-Mariner foiled Baron Togi's attempt to lure American ships into Papau Harbor with decoy ships so that they could be destroyed by Japanese subs[50].


With the United States increasing the number of bombing attacks such as Operation: Doolittle, the Japanese built a decoy version of Tokyo while concealing the real village. The truth was discovered by Jap Buster Johnson. Also at this time a Japanese scientist named Nichi has begun creating massive sea monsters to attack American ships. This operation was destroyed by the Sub-Mariner, killing Nichi and his experiments[51]. While in the United States, Japanese spy Nogatmi posed as Chinese religious leader Ching-Toy amassing loyal followers from local drug addicts and convincing them to commit acts of sabotage. His operation was taken down by Captain America and Bucky. While out in the Pacific, the Sub-Mariner was captured by Japanese forces and put on display by Hideki Tojo himself. Namor managed to break free and land Tojo a humiliating defeat before returning to the sea[52]. In India, a female Japanese spy posed as Princess of Ramasi, leader of a cult worshiping the goddess Kali in order to turn Indian Diacots against the American forces in the region. She was slain battling Captain America and Bucky[53].

Back in the United States famed American swimmer Carl Wildmer betrayed his country in order to assist the Japanese in attacks on the Untied States. Carl and his allies were slain by the Sub-Mariner. The Sub-Mariner also foiled an attempt by Japanese forces to use a massive prehistoric creature to steal American ships and an invasion of Kwangto China by Marshal Ito and his forces[54]. Also during this time, Japanese forces clashed with Allied Forces in the South Pacific including Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes[55]. On the Kobe Island, Admiral Footsu oversaw the construction of a super-sub, but the operation was ended when the island base was destroyed by the Sub-Mariner[56]. While in the United States, Captain Osaki attempted to commandeer an American bomber to attack American targets. He made the mistake of attempting to steal a bomber carrying the Young Allies, who promptly defeated him[57].

In the spring of 44, Captain Krashyu and his forces dug an invasion tunnel from Singapore to Australia, but the tunnel was later flooded by the Sub-Mariner[58]. While in India the Seven Sons of Satan attempted to hinder American forces in the area until they were stopped by Captain America and Bucky[59]. While back in the United States, Yellow Fang and his tornado creating zeppelin were destroyed by the Sub-Mariner[60]. Also during this period, Japanese assassin the Head was decapitating military officials across the globe in order to reanimate their brains and learn military secrets. His plans were thwarted by the Young Allies[61]. While in the United States, Captain America and Bucky helped liberate Death Valley Pete's Death Valley home from Japanese invaders. They later discovered a hidden tropical paradise in the Northern Pacific where a Japanese scientist created an army of Cellmen and destroy the entire valley to prevent them from being used in the war[62]. While elsewhere in the Pacific, Japanese agents overseen by Nazi officer the Black Snake use a massive airship to capture American soldiers and brainwash them into thinking they are Japanese and set them loose upon their comrades. The operation was discovered by the Sub-Mariner who destroyed the vessel. While a Japanese assassination attempt on Madam Chiang -- the Chinese first lady -- during an American visit was prevented by the Patriot[63].

During the summer of that year, Japanese forces set up a hidden base in Canada and fired shells across the boarder on the city of Detroit. This operation was exposed and taken down by the Sub-Mariner[64]. Also during this time, Japanese bikers the Death Riders attempted to destroy the Crawford Bomber Plant but they were thwarted by Captain America and Bucky[65]. When Japanese forces along the Pacific developed a new cannon that decimated American fighters, Jap Buster Johnson braved death to steal such a cannon from a Japanese camp[66]. While Japanese agents were sent to bid on a destructive meteor fragment being sold by a lighthouse keepers aid to whichever country was the highest bidder. The man was killed by a Japanese agent, but before anyone could secure the meteor it was destroyed by Captain America and Bucky[67].

By the fall, Imperial Japanese forces continued their push through India. The inclusion of Indian mystic Tehru was thwarted by the Young Allies[68]. Meanwhile, another Japanese naval base is constructed on Kobe Island by General Suki to develop a massive naval fleet. The naval base is once more destroyed, this time by the Human Torch and Toro. While back in the United States an alliance between the Japanese an mobster the Zipper to force slaves to smuggle oil out of the United States is thwarted by the Sub-Mariner[69]. An attempt to capture American General David Johnston is foiled when Japanese forces are forced to fight the Sub-Mariner and local natives on the island of Maku[70].

Also during this time, the Destroyer left Nazi Germany in order to focus his attentions to the war effort in Japan. Arriving in Tokyo aboard a stolen Nazi bomber, the Destroyer slew the Japanese master fighter known as the Juggernaut[71] and later prevented the production of poison gas by destroying the secret base of the Face[68]. Meanwhile, yet another attempt to build an invasion tunnel from Japan to the west coast of the United States, this time built by General Yokima is destroyed by Captain America and Bucky[72]. Also in Tokyo, General Muki begins developing long range missiles filled with Lucite gas to attack American vessels outside of Japanese waters. This plan is thwarted by the Destroyer who also frees the enslaved Chinese workers on the project[73]. While on an island along the South Pacific, Baron Hitso's attempt to use Kamikaze piloted missiles against American troops is ruined by Captain America and Bucky. Later Cap and Bucky also destroy Dr. Yokotio's Sea Dragon submarine[74].


In the start of the year, Japanese agent Monstro began sabotaging American factories in the United States until he was stopped by Captain America and Bucky[75]. Also during this time, a Japanese spy posed as India's Prophet of Hate to attempt to get the people of India to turn against the American troops in the area. This plan was also foiled by Captain America and Bucky[76]. Back in the United States, Japanese spies hired unscrupulous lawyer Mr. Howards to commit acts of sabotage in the United States, but he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro[77]. While in Tokyo, the Japanese army continued attempts to try and capture the Destroyer, but failed to stop him and a group of Chinese resistance fighters from destroying the Yuanie Arsenal and a fleet of Japanese ships slated to see action in the South Pacific[78]. Also during this time, American psychologist Wilton Wilkes betrayed his country to help the Japanese develop an insanity ray to use against American soldiers. Wilkes' plot was foiled and his weapon destroyed by the Young Allies[79].

By the spring, Japanese agent Yellow Claw and his army of Mole Men destroy American munitions factories by digging massive tunnels beneath them. However, they are stopped and destroyed thanks to Captain America and Bucky[80]. While in the South Pacific, Dr. Nichi deploys his blue flame weapon on American ships until he is stopped by the Sub-Mariner[81]. Japanese spies later smuggled themselves into the Los Angeles in order to steal a captured Nazi buzz-bomber that was put on display, only to be foiled by the Destroyer[82]. While elsewhere in the United States a Japanese spy poses as a resurrected Blackbeard and uses a nearly invisible jet to attack American interests until he is stopped by Miss America[83].

As spring turned into summer, Jap Buster Johnson discovered a hidden Japanese base on Jubi island and destroyed it[84]. Another plot to disguise Japanese subs as destroyed ships was exposed by the Destroyer[85]. By this time Japanese spies had set up a secret hideout beneath the War Department in Washington D.C., but the spy cell as quickly exposed by the Patriot[86]. While back out in the Pacific, an entire Japanese army led by the so-called Bloody Baron were stopped by the Destroyer and a group of escaped American prisoners of war[87]. While on another island Prince Shinto led an army of young suicide bombers called the Suicide Battalion on a mission to retake an island conquered by the Americans. Shinto and his minions were killed in a clash with the Young Allies[88].

As the war began coming to a close Japanese fighter pilot Kito was shot down by Jap Buster Johnson[89], and a joint Nazi and Japanese mission to use Nazi drone planes against forces in the South Pacific was foiled by the Destroyer[90]. When Japanese spies learned that a powerful bio-weapon was buried with the body of its inventor, they posed as the Walking Dead to try and uncover it's secret location. They were stopped by Captain America (Nasland) and Bucky (Davis). Shortly thereafter, Cap and Bucky also stopped Japanese agent Genrami from using mirrors containing the element Trilite to blind American soldiers[91]. Japanese inventor Professor Sico Rudo by this time invented "Atom Water" a powerful explosive that would go off when evaporated and tested it on an island recently claimed by the Americans. His operation was halted by Captain America and Bucky. Rudo was slain and a sample of his Atom Water were turned over to the authorities[92].

In August of 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki causing massive devastation[93][94][95][96]. On August 15, 1945, Japan had officially surrendered, ending World War II.


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