The Impericon was a planet in which its structures defied the laws of physics, thus its alias of the "Impossible Place." It was a touristic location, and its visitors kept its existence a secret from the heralds of Galactus. It was shielded so no herald could sense it.[1] It was created by the Incredulous Zed with the heart of the Never Queen, which Zed had stolen from her.[2]

Impericon 002

The ruins of the Impericon

As the Queen of Nevers slowly approached the planet to retrieve her heart, Zed chose numerous champions to fight the Queen, but all of them failed. The most recent chosen champion was the Silver Surfer.[1]

After being told by the Queen that the Impericon was being empowered by her heart, and that its absence was slowly killing her, the Silver Surfer decided to get it back.[3] With the help of Dawn Greenwood, the Silver Surfer got the Queen's, destroying the planet in the process, but pulling it together with the Power Cosmic long enough for its inhabitants to escape.[2]

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