Imps are tiny humanoid creatures steeped in magic and mystery. They lived in secret and are widely regarded as imaginary by humans. In most cases these Imps would find their homes in musical instruments to indulge in their love of music.[1][verification needed]


In 16th Century Italy, a colony of Imps lived in the home of a violin maker. One such Imp, the so-called Imp in the Violin made his home within a fine crafted Amati violin. This violin survived the centuries and eventually ended up in the hands of American musician Vincent Varl in 1948. Varl, a close friend of Captain America learned of the Imp's existence when he attempted to switch from playing classical music to Jazz. The Imp attempted to sabotage Vincent's performance but found an appreciation for Jazz when he became enamoured by the chorus girls that were part of the show.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Imps are either very long lived or immortal. They appear to have the ability to effect the quality of music that comes out of the instruments that they choose to live in.


Habitat: Imps choose to live in the workshops of people who make musical instruments in order to find an instrument to live in.


Level of Technology: None
Representatives: Imp in the Violin

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