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Impulse II was first seen as part of the new Imperial Guard after it was attacked by Vulcan and was the successor of the previous Impulse who was killed in that battle. They were sent to Hala where they attacked the Kree Empire, Inhumans and Starjammers for holding the fugitive and former ruler of the Shi'ar Empire, Lilandra. Impulse severed one of Gorgon's legs from behind before they fled.[2] He then participated in an attack on the Nova Corps where they slaughtered many Novas before being defeated by Richard Rider. From there, he was next seen along with the rest of the Imperial Guard as part of the funeral service for Lilandra after the war concluded. They were then attacked by the Inhumans, who wanted payback, but the throne was claimed by Gladiator.[3]

Following this, Impulse was next seen as one of the may members of the guard called to fight against the Builder Armada. Impulse along with Smasher and Oracle were sent to Formuhaut but his suit was broken and he was killed by Alephs.[1]



  • Visor: Impulse wears a special visor that contains his eyebeams when he doesn't need to use them.

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