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Imus Champion was a genius, gaining an MBA from Harvard University, various degrees in psychology and other fields from Oxford University and Cambridge University. Through his careers as an financier, entrepreneur, and industrialist, Imus grew to be the fifth wealthiest man in the world. Unsatisfied with his successes in the business world, Champion was determined to master as many skills as possible and acquire as much wealth and priceless artifacts as he could. The skills he has come to master includes various martial arts as well as stage magic and illusion.[1]

As archery was one of the skills he had yet to master, Champion hired the hero Hawkeye to tutor him in that regard. As a mark of his confidence, Champion planned to use his newly mastered skill to trigger bombs set to activate the San Andreas Fault so that the ensuing earthquake would drop California into the sea and allow Champion to salvage sunken canisters of nerve gas. Hawkeye's erstwhile team the Avengers helped him defeat Champion, who was remanded to custody.[2]

Later, it was learned that Champion was dying of an incurable disease and was searching for a cure, whereupon he was believed to have died in the explosion at a laboratory. In fact, he did not die, and he obtained a cure by buying the biotechnology company which had developed it. He tried to use the hero team Squadron Supreme to defeat the Avengers by way of the mind-controlling touch of the Corruptor.[3] When the scheme failed, he then set out to prove his mastery over both teams of champions by forcing them to compete with him, holding 20 major American cities hostage. The heroes played along until one of their allies, Hank Pym as Giant-Man, could thwart his plans. Once again he was remanded to custody.[4]


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  • Superhuman Strength: Imus possesses some degree of superhuman strength, though the extent of his own strength is unknown.[2]


He is a proven master of many skills, including martial arts, and surrounds himself with hi-tech equipment. [5]



  • Among those items collected by the Champion (through either legitimate or perfidious means) include:

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