Inali Redpath and Captain America once rescued 182 people from a prison camp in the Balkans.[1]

Years later, he was sent to investigate a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. human engineering facility in Florida called the Smokehouse. He was shot and mortally wounded while trying to subdue the rogue scientists working there. As he lay dying, he called upon the Anasazi god Haokah for help. With help from his grandfather, Haokah heard Inali's prayers and transfer Inali to a cloned body while also turning him into a receptacle for his power. Because Haokah's power always fatally harmed Inali's powers, he relied a facility on his grandfather's reservation to constantly create cloned bodies to transfer his consciousness to in order to survive.[2]

After killing the rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Barricade, Inali confronted Cap and told him that he planned to use the power of Haokah to retake the United States for the Native America. Inali then drugged Cap with an hallucinatory concoction.[3]

He later summoned a mighty hurricane above Miami, causing the death of 147 victims.[4] Cap confronted Inali with help from Thor. Haokah left Inali to confront Thor personally, leaving Inali powerless and was quickly defeated by Cap. After S.H.I.E.L.D. destroyed the facility that created his cloned bodies, Inali could no longer survive Haokah's possession and eventually vanished.[2]


Atmokinesis: being a host for Haokah gave Inali control over the weather. He was capable of creating powerful winds and hurricanes large enough to devastate a whole city.
Resurrection: through the transferring of his consciousness into cloned bodies, Inali is able to survive death and constantly resurrect himself.


Haokah's possession was detrimental and eventually fatal to Inali's body and he needed to move his consciousness to cloned bodies to maintain Haokah's possession. When the clones were destroyed, Inali could no longer resurrect himself. Inali also was depended on Haokah's possession to maintain his power over the weather.

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