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Inari has the conventional powers of the Japanese gods know as Kami like:

Superhuman Strength: Inari can, despite his frail appearance, lift about 20 tons with his bare hands.

Superhuman Speed: Inari can move at speeds much faster than even the finnest human athlete, and peharps even faster than most gods as he is the Japanese god of commerce.

Superhuman Agility and Reflexes: Inari react to his environment much faster and precise than even the finnest human athlete.

Superhuman Durability: Inari has inhuman durability that allows him to withstand large falls, high caliber guns and powerful laser attacks without injury. He also has some resistence to magic.

Healing factor: Despite his god-like durability, its possible to injury him, but any damaged tissue heals much faster and better than even the healthest human, and he is also immune to any kind of mortal disease. However, he's unable to heal lost limbs and organs without magical outside help.

Mystical energy manipulation: Inari can manipulate magical energies to a number of purposes like presumibly teleportation, levitation and energy blasts. He is often seen using foxes as his messengers, implying that he might have some kind of mystical empathy to such creatures, and since he is the protector of rice crops, he might have some kind of control of plant growth.

Shapeshifting: Inari may have the ability to change his form and appearance to that of any creature, humanoid and inanimate object that he wants. Though he has not yet shown this power, he has been in the past depicted in other forms. Including a woman, a fox and sometimes even as a dragon.


Inari often uses foxes as messengers.

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