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Quote1.png Look at you guys! 'The God Squad!' I love it! You should all get matching t-shirts! Quote2.png
Amadeus Cho

Appearing in "Sacred Invasion (Part 1) - The God Squad"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Book of Worlds (Mentioned)
  • Fractal Scriptures of Jemiah the Analyzer (Mentioned)


  • Argo (Only in flashback)
  • "Godmobile" (First appearance)
  • Skrull ships


Synopsis for "Sacred Invasion (Part 1) - The God Squad"

  • Synopsis not yet written

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  1. Atum mentions Horus as the son of the son of his son (meaning his great-grandson), when he is his great-great-grandson (Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica #1's entry of Horus corrects Atum's statement), being the son of Osiris, son of Geb, son of Shu, son of Atum.
  2. Incredible Hercules #118 states they leave from the collective human unconsciousness, which is the definition of the Dream Dimension, according to Nightmare's entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Knights 2005 #1 and the Aboriginal Gods' entry in Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica #1
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