Quote1.png Arise, my brave, beautiful Namora... and Namor, proudest and most storied of my water-children... arise and gird your strength for the dark age that now befalls us... when Olympian raises arms against Olympian. Quote2.png
-- Poseidon

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Synopsis for "Axis Mundi"

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"LOVE & WAR (Part 3)"

We know you've all been there, guys. We know it stinks. Your best bud gets a new girlfriend, and suddenly you never see him any more. And when you're Hercules, your BFF is Amadeus Cho, and his new girlfriend is a psychopathic Amazonian princess who wants to destroy the world as we know it with an ancient Atlantean artifact... Well. That really stinks. Guest-Starring Namor the Sub-Mariner!

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