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Quote1.png And another thing! Why do you persist in talking in old-timey Shakespeare talk?! We're from Greece! From two thousand years before Shakespeare! It makes absolutely... NO! SENSE! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Harrowing"

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Synopsis for "The Harrowing"

Hercules and his shade continue to fight, while Amadeus meets his parents. He discovers that his sister is not with them, so she must still be alive. Zeus is ashamed at how he had treated his son, and willingly drinks from the River Lethe, causing him to be reborn on Earth without any of his memories. Back in Hades though, the dead spirits turn on Pluto now that the power of Zeus is gone.

Solicit Synopsis

They've battled rampaging gods, enraged Eternals, sinister Skrulls, Avengers Dark and Mighty, armed-to-the-teeth Amazons, and literally gone to Hell and back together. But now, after all this time, and all those adventures, the team-up between Hercules and Amadeus Cho may more! What shocking secret is revealed in this issue that could ruin their friendship forever? Find out here, then come right back next month for a MAJOR change in status in the title that will always be "INCREDIBLE"!

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