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Appearing in "The Replacement Thor, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Replacement Thor, Part 1"

Hercules and Athena are taking the now child Zeus to be hid from Hera, when they are attacked by Harpies sent to kill them. Athena goes to fight them, while Hercules continues driving. Later, they pull to a stop to wait for her, when Balder runs to them being chased by Dark Elves and a Troll. Zeus causes lightning to strike, making them think that Thor is there so they flee. Balder then tells Hercules that Asgard needs his help. They need him to impersonate Thor so that the Dark Elves can be stopped. He agrees to do it, and an old crone with Balder changes his costume to look like Thor's. They then go and get his Golden Mace, which is made to look like Mjolnir. Hercules and Zeus then travel to Svartalfheim and break through the door, only to be greeting by more Trolls and Dark Elves. Back on Earth, "Balder" reveals that they have definitely picked the right god for the job, and reveals himself to really be Malekith.

Solicit Synopsis

Beginning a storyarc so earth-shattering, so momentous, so, well, incredible, we just had to give it to you TWICE A MONTH! (Well, for the three months, anyway). When terrible threats rise in Svartalfheim, the land of the Dark Elves, only Mighty Thor, Son of Asgard, can hope to triumph! But what happens if the Odinson is temporarily...unavailable? It's Hammer Time for Hercules as the Lion of Olympus gets his thunder on! Meanwhile, in Incredible Hercules 133, the Secret Origin of AMADEUS CHO begins! Who really killed Amadeus' family? What is his true relation to Hercules? And, most importantly, what is the connection between him and The Twelve's MASTER MIND EXCELLO? Everyone's favorite irascible boy genius is after the answers himself -- but to get them he's going to have to go through his arch-nemesis, PYTHAGORAS DUPREE, the sixth-smartest man on Earth!

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