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Appearing in "W.W.T.D.?"

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Synopsis for "W.W.T.D.?"

"Thor" and his "son" Zeus join forces with the Trolls to attack the Dark Elves. After finally making it to Alflyse's castle, Hercules is put through a series of tests. After proving his worth, he takes her to find out how truly "evil" she is. The next morning, he awakens the King of Svartalfheim and Alflyse's new husband, who orders her troops to attack Midgard and Asgard, to retake his throne. Spying the whole thing, the Warriors Three decide that if Herc is going to be Thor, then they need to find their own "Hercules". And out steps Thor in a skirt, and feeling a draft.

Solicit Synopsis

"The Replacement Thor" continues as the Mighty Hercules, wearing the Thunder God's togs and towing a most unexpected guest star along to provide the pyrotechnics, descends to mysterious Svartalfheim to save the day from a new threat among the Dark Elves. But everything changes when the wicked Elven Queen turns out to be as languorously lovely as she is lethal! What Would Thor Do? Probably not what happens in this book!

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