Quote1 No. I know what you are. But let's talk about the hypercomputer..capable of performing simultaneous infinite calculations...taking into account not just the binary of 0 and 1, dead/alive, black/white, German/Japanese...but the whole panoply of probabilities in any given situation, every possible quantum state...and through that act of measurement, that act of observing...he can determine the state, however unlikely, most favorable to him! ... You're not just trying to prevent me from finding this "hypercomputer", Pythagoras. You're trying to prevent me from realizing...that that's what I naturally am. Quote2
-- Amadeus Cho

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AMADEUS CHO is MASTER MIND EXCELLO! Heroically parachuting behind enemy lines! Bravely rescuing beautiful secret agents imprisoned inside the death traps of a mad Nazi genius! And discovering for the first time what the real nature of his powers are as his secret origin continues -- at last the truth can be revealed here!

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