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The Hulk


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  • Octo-Ship
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An intense solar flare from the Sun creates a wave of radiation over the Earth. while Gamma Base is in charge of the highly powerful substance Perium-99. With the base's radio communication equipment rendered useless by the radiation, Dr. Octopus decides to use this opportunity to steal the Perium-99. Due to the radiation wave, Banner begins spontaneously changing into the Hulk . Rick subdues the Hulk and restores Banner to normal, but they soon both leave the base in case Bruce begins to change again. As Doc Ock's men infiltrate the base, Major Talbot discovers their presence and alerts General Ross. After trying to locate Banner for their investigation, Talbot follows Banner, but the radiation flares up again and Banner transforms into the Hulk, who trashes the army's trucks as well as the base's radar. With no warning, Doc Ock's men take full control over Gamma Base, and Ock himself quickly steals the Perium-99. Meanwhile, Rick leads the Hulk to Banner's desert fallout shelter, where he is trapped. Rick soon discovers that all contact with the base has been lost, and so both he and Bruce go to investigate. They free Betty, the General and Talbot, but Ock escapes with the Perium, intending to turn everyone into mutations. Watching from the shelter, Banner turns into the Hulk and after breaking out, heads for Gamma Base for the final showdown.


Doctor Octopus next appears in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow".

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