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-- The Hulk

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  • Silver Mist


  • Hydra's Car
  • Jeep

Synopsis for "Enter: She-Hulk"

In Los Angeles, criminal lawyer Jennifer Walters, who is investigating the criminal organization Hydra, comes under attack by Hydra soldiers. Jennifer decides to pursue them as her alter-ago: the She-Hulk. She-Hulk follows the Hydra agents and stops them, leaving them for the police. Bruce, together with Rick, is visiting L.A. to see his cousin Jennifer, as a last chance to do something about his condition. Bruce tells Rick of how he visited Jennifer a few months ago, when she was involved in a gas explosion at home. Having the same blood type as her, Bruce performed a transfusion that saved her life, but also gave her the ability to become the She-Hulk, who still retains Jennifer's mind. Bruce hopes to control the Hulk's body with his own mind, and wants Jennifer's help. In L.A., Jennifer is kidnapped by Hydra agents and is told by the Supreme Hydra to drop the Jasper Bryn case connected with them. Meanwhile, Betty is visiting L.A. to help a research project to reduce smog in the city. Jennifer escapes from the Hydra base and observes their plan to solidify all the smog in the city, smothering everyone. Jennifer becomes She-Hulk and breaks out of the Hydra base, when she meets up with Bruce and Rick. Using Jennifer as a template, Banner performs an experiment to let him remain in control when he turns into the Hulk. Rick is kidnapped by the solid smog during the experiment, but Bruce ends up in temporary control over the Hulk, who then assists She-Hulk in freeing Rick and Betty, getting rid of the solidified gas and defeating Hydra's forces.


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