"The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow"

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"The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow"

Quote1 Banner is facing total destruction by the girl who loves him most! Quote2
-- Narrator

Appearing in "The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow"

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  • Waldo / "Jeff" (Only appearance)[1]

Other Characters:




  • Space Shuttle 99
  • Space Shuttle 105

Synopsis for "The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow"

As Bruce supervises a space shuttle gantry on Gamma Base, the whole structure collapses and injures the chief project engineer. Betty quickly arrives with her nephew Jonah, who claims that he can see into the future. Jonah had predicted the gantry's collapse and warned Betty about it twenty minutes before it actually happened. At Betty's house, Jonah predicts that an air force plane will crash into an ammunition dump, causing artillery to fly all over the base. Once those events take place, Rick ends up trapped under a collapsed telephone pole from which the Hulk rescues him and puts out the munitions fire. Jonah then demonstrates his fortune-telling abilities for General Ross and Major Talbot, and foresees the Hulk destroying the controls of Space Shuttle 99 piloted by Betty on August 2nd, which then crashes. Only Bruce is told by Jonah of what he saw, and shortly afterwards Betty announces that NASA has chosen her to pilot a science shuttle mission on Shuttle 105. At the same time, a saboteur known as Waldo has agreed to destroy the shuttle for a group of spies, and disguises himself as "Jeff". Bruce suspects "Jeff" to be an impostor, so Waldo traps him underneath the shuttle engines. As the engines are ignited for a test, Banner becomes the Hulk and escapes, destroying the shuttle in the process. Afterwards, Betty is assigned Shuttle 99 for the science mission, and Banner ends up on board the shuttle after Waldo knocks him out and traps him there along with a gas bomb, ensuring that Jonah's vision will come true. The Hulk must cheat destiny and stop both himself and Betty from being destroyed in a shuttle crash.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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