"It Lives, It Grows, It Destroys"

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"It Lives, It Grows, It Destroys"

Quote1 Hulk stop yellow mud! Quote2
-- The Hulk

Appearing in "It Lives, It Grows, It Destroys"

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  • Proto's Creature (Only appearance)[1]

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  • Gammatron


Synopsis for "It Lives, It Grows, It Destroys"

At Gamma Base, Dr. Proto is attempting to create a new form of life, and proceeds to draw power from Bruce Banner's new Gammatron experiments against Banner's request. After nearly destroying the Gammatron, Dr. Proto's experiment works and he creates a deadly organism, that looks like yellow slime and can eat through almost anything. That night, the organism is locked away in the lab refrigerator, but Proto forgets to cover the silicon container, and it grows outside of its container once everyone has left. Banner goes to Proto's lab and is trapped in a net while the slime approaches him. He becomes the Hulk and breaks out of the base while the organism continues to eat its way through the lab. Later, Banner heads back to Proto's lab to figure out a way to stop the creature. Proto tells him that the life-form is part fungus, and so Banner appropriates a weed killer to halt the slime's progress. The strategy fails, and Proto decides to split the nuclei of the slime. Bruce decides that this a bad idea, preferring to use an electrical charge against the thing, and Proto apparently agrees with him. Unfortunately, Proto was lying and locks Banner away while accidentally increasing the slime's growth rate. Banner becomes the Hulk again and breaks out, and as the slime reaches the earthquake fault under the base, it is discovered that the slime is repelled by the green goliath. The Hulk calms down and becomes Banner, who figures out that the slime can be destroyed by Gamma rays. The new Gammatron is the only thing that can destroy the creature, and so Banner attempts to repair the device before time runs out for Gamma Base.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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