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Quote1 What is this?! First, robot smashes Hulk's friend -- then, robot tries to smash Hulk! And now -- Hulk is wet again! Quote2
The Hulk

Appearing in ""The Evil That Is Cast...""

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Synopsis for ""The Evil That Is Cast...""

Although Bruce Banner may have voluntarily turned himself in to the authorities at Gamma Base, the Hulk has no such predilection for staying. Doc Samson tries to keep him from leaving, but the Hulk literally pounds him into the ground until his young friend Jim Wilson manages to calm him down.

Meanwhile, Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, brings his girlfriend, Terri Sue Bottoms to the Rocky Mountains chalet of his friend and team-mate, the Avenging Angel, Warren Worthington III. As the friends are relaxing by the pool, they find themselves suddenly attacked by a disguised Master Mold. Master Mold captures Iceman, while the Angel flies off hoping to lure him away from Terri and his own girlfriend, Candy Southern.

Master Mold flies after him and before long, they reach the airspace over top of Gamma Base. The klaxons sound and Doc Samson runs out to face Master Mold. Master Mold quickly dispatches Doc Samson by slamming him into the side of one of the buildings, disrupting a formerly resting Hulk. The Hulk rampages outside just as Master Mold captures Angel. The giant robotic Sentinel then flies off, but the Hulk leaps onto him and piggybacks on Master Mold's foot.

Master Mold finally reaches his space station planetoid where he places Angel, Iceman and the Hulk into special tubes designed to dampen mutant powers. As the Hulk is not a mutant, he easily breaks free and releases the other two. The Hulk follows Master Mold back to his command center and lays into him. Master Mold tries to keep the Hulk at bay with a million volts of electricity, but this only stuns the Hulk momentarily who then proceeds to tear Master Mold into pieces. Afterward, the three heroes get into an escape pod and return to Earth.


Continuity Notes[]

  • The Hulk is still upset with Doc Samson for calling him stupid, this happened in Incredible Hulk #225.
  • In this issue, General Ross is still recuperating from a blow he suffered at the hands of the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #226.
  • The narrative of this story states that the X-Men first encountered the Sentinels in X-Men #14.
  • Steven Lang's attack on the X-Men occurred in X-Men #96100. This story states that he has been in a coma ever since. Lang remained in said coma until he was absorbed into the Phalanx in Uncanny X-Men #291.
  • The narrative of this story states that Doc Samson's treatment of the Hulk can be seen in Incredible Hulk #228.


  • Candy Southern suspects that Bobby is Iceman. This knowledge was retconned in X-Men: The Hidden Years #2, in which Candy Southern was already aware of the true identities of the original X-Men.
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