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Quote1.png All is in readiness! With the aid of my enchanting might -- the men of Asgard will stand helpless before the troll hordes! Thus, let the onslaught begin! Quote2.png
Enchantress (Amora)

Appearing in "--This World Not His Own!"

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Synopsis for "--This World Not His Own!"

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Detailed Summary:
Having been transported to Asgard by Loki, the Hulk leaps across a deep, bottomless chasm. For an inexplicable reason, the Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner in mid-leap and begins falling to his doom. On a lower ledge of the chasm, the Enchantress and the Executioner watch the mortal plummet towards certain death. The Enchantress suspects that this mortal might have connections to her (would-be) lover, Hercules, and uses her power to save Banner's life.

At the top of the chasm, the Warriors Three look downward, convinced that the Hulk has met his doom. They continue on their journey to the Forbidden Forest to seek the council of Oldar the Oracle. The aged crone reveals that the Hulk has not perished, and she creates a window in time, through which she reveals how Bruce Banner first became the Hulk. Knowing that the Hulk is still alive, the Warriors grow concerned that he might threaten the Realm Eternal. Leaving the lair of Oldar the Oracle, they make haste towards Asgard.

The Enchantress and the Executioner meanwhile keep vigil over the unconscious Bruce Banner. When Banner revives, he turns into the Hulk and begins fighting with the Executioner. The Executioner strikes him with his Bloodaxe, but this proves ineffective against the Hulk. The Hulk manages to stagger his foe with one crushing blow to the jaw. The Enchantress grows bored watching the two combatants fight one another and teleports herself and the Executioner to a safe distance.

The Enchantress calls together a massive army of trolls and leads them on a quest to overtake Asgard. The Hulk gets involved in the fight, and keeps the trolls at bay by sealing them inside of a rocky cavern. Enraged, the Enchantress turns her magic against the Hulk and kills him.

The Warriors Three, along with Odin recover the Hulk's body after the battle is over. Admiring the Hulk's bravado, Odin uses his Scepter of Strength to bring the Hulk back to life. The Hulk is confused and angry and trusts no one. He threatens to attack Odin, little realizing that the All-Father is responsible for bringing him back from the dead. Angered by the Hulk's lack of gratitude, Odin uses his power to teleport the Hulk away from Asgard into the depths of outer space.


  • Oldar the Oracle recaps the origins of the Incredible Hulk as they were depicted in Incredible Hulk #1. In addition, she mentions the Hulk's battles with Thor, the Executioner, Silver Surfer and Sub-Mariner. By this point the Hulk had many clashes with these characters the first ones occurring in Avengers #1, Tales to Astonish #77, Tales to Astonish #93 and Avengers #3 respectively.
  • Odin confuses Fandral's name with Balder's at one point in this issue.
  • Oldar the Oracle recaps the origin of the Hulk through rhyme. In the retelling the Hulk is colored green, even though he was originally colored gray in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 1. Particularly when the gray Hulk was reintroduced in Incredible Hulk #324.
  • In this issue, the Executioner mentions his previous encounter with the Hulk, in Tales to Astonish Vol 1 77 per a footnote - but that supposed encounter took place in an alternate future (Earth-6676), thus Executioner from Earth-616 should not know about that.
  • This series continues the numbering sequence from Tales to Astonish (Volume 1).


  • Cover art: letters at top right by Rosen, letters at bottom left by Kuramoto.
  • This issue debuts the new letters page, Greenskin's Grab Bag. This replaces the former letters page Mails to Astonish from Tales to Astonish.
  • There are two spelling errors in this issue. Scepter is spelled sceptor, and a portion of the Hulk's dialogue includes the word "to" when it should actually read "too".

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