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Quote1.png Yer just lucky... that truck blew up! Otherwise... I'd have whipped you... easy! Quote2.png
The Rhino

Appearing in "Ring Around the Rhino"

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Synopsis for "Ring Around the Rhino"

With Bruce Banner finally captured, the military has him under 24 hour observation, keeping him drugged so as to prevent him from transforming into the Hulk, in spite of the protests made by Betty Ross who is concerned over Bruce's fate, not wishing him to be locked up in a jail and doped up for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, after serving his sentence, the criminal known as the Rhino has been freed from jail and is debating what to do with himself, when he is once more visited by the Soviet spies who originally gave him his powers. Deciding to let their previous differences subside, they offer to grant the Rhino his powers again if he would aid in them in capturing Bruce Banner for their superiors, hoping to unlock the secret behind the Hulk. The Rhino agrees, and they use Gamma radiation and new technology to not only restore his power, but to enhance his strength to make him a match for the Hulk should he need to battle him. The Rhino attacks the convoy bringing the unconscious Banner to JFK airport for transport back to the Air Force's base, when the Rhino attacks and tries to take Banner away. Things don't go as planned thanks to interference made by Rick Jones who tries to rush to Bruce's aid in his car, and Betty trying to stop the Rhino from capturing Bruce. Bruce manages to revives long enough to transform into the Hulk once more and battle the Rhino. However, when the Rhino tries to take Betty hostage, the Hulk brings her to safety. During the fight, a fuel truck is used as a weapon by the Rhino, however the resulting explosion greatly weakens the Rhino and the Hulk is able to beat him into submission and the Rhino seemingly dies. With the battle over the Hulk grabs Betty, believing her to still be in danger with the military around, and jumps into safety, leaving Rick, General Ross, and Glenn Talbot to wonder what the Hulk will do to her.


Continuity Notes

  • Although it states that the Rhino's uniform was destroyed in Amazing Spider-Man #41, chronologically, the Rhino appears between that story and this in Alpha Flight Special (Vol. 2) #1. That costume was ruined by Wolverine's claws.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Jim Rohal, Robert Franz, David Lomazzoff, Paul Jette, Jim Boger, and James Wallace.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Look out, strong man! Here comes the Rhino!"

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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