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Bruce Banner

Appearing in "Umbu, the Unliving!"

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Synopsis for "Umbu, the Unliving!"

Having transformed into the Hulk, Bruce Banner is unable to stop the device that is changing the Earth's orbit. Having struck Ka-Zar who tried to get the Hulk to help, the Hulk is attacked by Zabu. Ka-Zar revives and he and Zabu manage to knock the Hulk into a near-by river.

Meanwhile at the home of the Swamp Men, Umbu a robot brought to them to protect the device in the mountain, activates and seeks out those who disturbed the device. Meanwhile, the Hulk tosses Zabu and Ka-Zar away, and they are captured by the Swamp Men. Hulk himself is attacked by Umbu, which proves to be a difficult task as the robot is able to self-repair. During the fight, Umbu blasts the Hulk with a gas that causes him to revert back into Bruce Banner. Back in his human form, Banner is ignored by Umbu.

Banner then rushes to the cave and works on stopping the device, while at the home of the Swamp Men, Ka-Zar manages to free himself and Zabu and rush to the cave. There, Umbu attacks the cave while Banner rushes to try and stop the device. In pulling out one of its circuits, Banner deactivates the device and at the same time Umbu deactivates as well. Although victorious, Banner collapses from his exposure to the machine's radiation. He is found shortly after by Ka-Zar who pronounces Banner dead.


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Bruce Stanton, Ernie Sangiulaiano, Peter Sanderson, Mark Sanda, Anthony Picco, Chuck Hamilton, and Brad Clark.

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