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Appearing in "Shanghaied in Space!"

Featured Characters:

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  • Umbu (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for "Shanghaied in Space!"

The aliens who created the device to change Earth's orbit have detected the machine's destruction and send a robot out to bring them the one responsible. While in the Savage Land, Ka-Zar and Zabu leaves the dying body of Bruce Banner behind to seek out herbs to try and heal Banner, leaving him to be picked up by the alien's robot and brought to their ship in space, where they intend to bring him to their master, the Galaxy Master.

Reviving Banner with their technology, the aliens are ordered to put Banner in a pressure lock and kill him. However, Banner begins to transform into the Hulk and smashes his way loose. He battles the aliens and their weapons in the vacuum of space. During the fight the Hulk enters an exhaust tube, where the aliens try to burn him alive. However, the engine explodes, causing the ship to crash on their home planet. When the Hulk revives, he finds himself before the Galaxy Master, a giant mass of energy, that boasts that it is indestructible.


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from David Parson, J. William Hanley, Paul Lipof, Dennis Lien, Stephen Shaffer, Anne Wendt, Jeff King, and Max Gottfried.


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