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Quote1.png With all my heart, I pray that Galaxy Master shall fall! Too long has he enslaved our galaxy -- our planet -- and our down-trodden people! Too long have we been forced to serve his evil purpose! Quote2.png
Princess Daydra

Appearing in "The Brute Battles On!"

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Synopsis for "The Brute Battles On!"

With the Hulk battling the Galaxy Master, the princess of the aliens enslaved by Galaxy Master decides that now is the best time to attack their master and win their freedom. This is a plan her uncle disapproves of, and to further his own ambitions of rule he decides to warn the Galaxy Master of this revolt.

As the Hulk attacks the Galaxy Master, the princess and her forces counter attack, but all who go to warn the Galaxy Master of the revolt are killed by the Galaxy Master himself. Finally realizing that he cannot defeat the Galaxy Master externally, the Hulk jumps into the being's energy form and destroys it from the inside, causing the creatures destruction.

Liberated, the aliens confront the princess' uncle, who backs away cowardly and ends up stumbling over the edge of a cliff to his death. Afterwards, the princess offers the Hulk a home on their planet, an offer the Hulk refuses. Providing him with a shuttle, the Hulk takes it before it can be calibrated to sustain life aboard, knowing that as the Hulk he cannot be hurt. While blasting off however, the Hulk begins to transform back into Bruce Banner and begins to be effected by the lack of air and the extreme pressure aboard the ship.


Continuity Notes

  • Although the Galaxy Master is seemingly slain in this story, the creature returns in Incredible Hulk #270.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Milo Miles, Jim Reinhart, Jeoseph Lenius, Kiff Kiffney, Gary Rafferty, Eddie Babb, Sandy Smmith, Mac Larson, and Mike Nave.


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