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Quote1.png Dad told me to forget Bruce Banner! But I could as soon forget my heart... or my soul! Quote2.png
Betty Ross

Appearing in "Where Fall the Shifting Sands?"

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Synopsis for "Where Fall the Shifting Sands?"

Trapped in a ship that hasn't been conditioned to sustain human life, Bruce Banner is being slowly killed by the immense pressure while it takes him back to Earth. However, he manages to calibrate the machines to expel Gamma radiation that turns Banner into the Hulk again so that he may survive the rest of the trip home.

Meanwhile on Earth, the Sandman plots to steal a new experimental rocket from the Missile Base in the hopes that he can pilot it to the Negative Zone and reunite himself with Blastaar. Heading to the base, the Sandman witnesses the Hulk's ship landing on Earth. After the Hulk destroys the ship, the Sandman convinces the Hulk to attack the base, providing Sandman with the distraction he needs to steal the rocket he seeks. However, when Betty's life is put at risk when the Sandman almost crashes into her car, the Hulk intervenes and stops the Sandman.

As the Hulk battles the Sandman, General Ross begins to believe that the Hulk was trying to stop the Sandman when they attacked the Hulk on site. Hulk manages to defeat the Sandman who escapes and the Hulk flees the base as well, leaving Betty and the others to wonder what to do about the Hulk, and the Sandman vowing to destroy the Hulk for good.


Continuity Notes

  • The Sandman recounts the events of Fantastic Four #6263 wherein he and Blastaar battled the Fantastic Four.

Continuity Errors

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Doug Snover, Anthony Beavers, Bruce Dravis, Sean Bryan, Henry De La Cruz, Rusell A. Tulp, Dennis & Bob, and Michael Lomabard.

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