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Quote1.png Since each of us -- alone -- has come within a hairs-breadth of victory -- by attacking together --we cannot fail! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""At Last I Will Have My Revenge!""

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Synopsis for ""At Last I Will Have My Revenge!""

Having viewed the Hulk's battle with the Sandman, the Mandarin decides that an alliance with the Sandman to get revenge on the Hulk would lead to the successful defeat of the brute. The Hulk meanwhile, having fled the military, once more transforms back into Bruce Banner. While the Mandarin meets with the Sandman and they form an alliance, Banner returns to Gamma Base where he confronts Betty.

However, the military bursts into Betty's room and Banner transforms back into the Hulk. Hulk and Betty however are captured by the Mandarin and Sandman, who take the two to one of the Mandarin's secret bases. There they attempt to keep the Hulk prisoner and use Betty as a hostage to make the Hulk do their bidding.

However the Hulk bursts free and in the ensuing the battle the Mandarin determines that the Sandman is a failure and knocks him into a chemical vat while making his escape. When the Sandman emerges his sand form has been fused into glass. Betty convinces the Hulk not to shatter the Sandman and let him leave. Shortly after, Talbot and General Ross arrive and knock out Hulk with a new weapon and take him prisoner.


Continuity Notes

  • Altohugh the Sandman is pressed into glass here, he is cured when he is next seen in Fantastic Four #94. As later explained in Incredible Hulk #138 the Sandman was cured by the Wizard. However this cure proves only temporary as he later needed a blood transfusion in that same story.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Kenneth Capps, Jody Guernsey, Pierre Tremblay, J. William Hanley, Marc Foucher, Mark Kelinmann, and David Rubien.


Sandman Calls Mandarin Charlie Chan. Charlie Chan was a fictional honolulu Detective created by Earl Derr Briggers.

Sandman also refers to the Mandarin as Ringo a member of the British band The Beatles

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