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Quote1.png Anything is better than taking a life! -- Even the life of a merciless monster! Quote2.png
General "Thunderbolt" Ross

Appearing in ""Lo, the Leader Lives""

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Synopsis for ""Lo, the Leader Lives""

With the Hulk captive at Gamma Base, General Ross tries to figure out how they are going to contain him. When they are unable to reach Rick Jones, they are surprised by the timely arrival of the Leader, alive and well and offering to help them contain the Hulk to amend for his past crimes. He explains that after he was seemingly killed by the Ultimate Machine, one of his humanoids brought him to his lab and revived him with Gamma radiation.

While the Leader is working on a way of containing the Hulk for good, the Hulk revives and goes on a rampage on Gamma Base until knocked out again with the neutralizer. The Leader has completed his device, a giant plasti-thene prison that keeps the Hulk contained for good.

Reviving once again inside the plasti-thene prison, the Hulk remembers who the Leader is, and tries to break out of the prison, but to no avail. Convinced that the Hulk has been contained, General Ross and the others leave the Leader alone with the Hulk. Left to his own devices, the Leader boasts to the Hulk that he has trapped the one person who could stop plans to take over the world.


Continuity Notes

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from James T. Cooper, Phillip Shepherd, Steve Orr, Hillel Abrams, Dave Kraft, Bruce Oldham, and Mark Dority.


  • This is the first and last appearance of the Avengers Mansion cleaning lady. Traditionally all tasks at the mansion were performed by Edwin Jarvis.

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