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Appearing in ""World's End?""

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Synopsis for ""World's End?""

With the Hulk trapped in a plaste-thene prison, the Leader is about to launch the missiles that will start World War III. However, the Hulk manages to break free from his prison through sheer strength alone. In order to stop the Hulk from interfering with his plans, the Leader transports the Hulk and his super-humanoid to a deserted island.

The Hulk quickly defeats the super-humanoid by knocking it into the island volcano causing the island to explode. Returning to the Gamma Base, the Hulk is too late to stop the Leader from launching the missile. Betty believes that Bruce banner could stop the already launched missile and convinces the Hulk to calm down enough to change back to his alter ego. Banner then uses a interceptor missile to destroy the one launched by the Leader.

Launching a second missile, the Leader insures that he cannot be stopped with an interceptor. Banner allows himself to change into the Hulk once more, and the Hulk manages to catch up to the missile and redirect its trajectory into space instead of its intended target. When it explodes, the Hulk crashes down to Earth. As the Leader escapes he flies past the unconscious Bruce Banner, unaware that he just flown past his arch-nemesis.


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Mike Alroy, Mike Briggs, J. William Hanley, Chris Cirnio, Alan Kong, and Mike McQueary.


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