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Quote1.png So -- Fish-man tries to show how strong he is--! But nobody is as strong as Hulk! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""A Clash of Titans""

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  • Water-breathing pill

Synopsis for ""A Clash of Titans""

The unconscious body of Bruce Banner is found at sea by Lady Dorma who takes the surface dweller back to Atlantis for recovery after giving him a pill that will allow him to breath underwater for 24 hours. Having Banner taken to her chambers for recovery she is spied by Mistress Fara, a rival for Namor's affections. She decides to tell Namor about Dorma's "other man" after a meeting Namor has with Vashti, once again quarrelling over what to do with the surface dwellers. The already angry monarch impulsively storms to Dorma's quarters to confront her over Banner. As the two lovers argue, Banner revives and their fight causes him enough stress to transform into the Hulk.

The Hulk, seeing Namor attacking a girl that helped him, pounces at the undersea monarch. The two fight as both Dorma and Fara witness the battle. During the fight, Dorma is knocked out due to the collateral damage caused by the two titans clashing. Fera decides to try and take this opportunity to kill Dorma so that she can have Namor to himself. Ironically, the Hulk and Namor's fight causes a wall to collapse on the two, Fera being an unwilling shield for Dorma's body, sacrificing her life and protecting Dorma. Namor digs Dorma out and finds that she is still alive, but Fera is dead, unaware of her treachery.

Wanting the battle to end before any of his people can be injured, Namor attacks the still rampaging Hulk and their fight causes massive tidal waves. Eventually, Namor is able to knock the Hulk out of the water and into the sky. Following the plummeting Hulk, the Sub-Mariner finds the battle is over when he discovers the unconscious Hulk transforming back into Bruce Banner and so he retreats back to his kingdom to leave Banner at peace.

Solicit Synopsis

Green-Skin battles the sensational SUB-MARINER! What more need we say — except to tell you that STAN THE MAN and HAPPY HERBIE TRIMPE bought a dozen each themselves!


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Kirk Ireland, Jerome Henderson, William Higgins, Dave Clapp, and Jackie Taylor.


  • Lady Dorma's undersea craft is marked "Aurora" by artist Herb Trimpe. This is intended as a lark as Aurora produced numerous plastic models during this time. Coincidentally, Herb Trimpe would help produce a small Hulk comic and box cover for the Aurora company in 1974 in conjunction with their Hulk model that year.

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