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Quote1.png Hulk wants to do... the right thing! But, no matter who wins... Hulk can only lose!! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""On the Side of... the Evil Inhumans!""

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  • Maximus' robot

Synopsis for ""On the Side of... the Evil Inhumans!""


The military has initiated an air drop on the island of Costa Salvador, which has been taken over by the mad Inhuman exiled Maximus. However, they do not expect that the Hulk is on the island, or that Maximus has convinced the Jade Giant in protecting them from the invaders. The Hulk attacks the army sending them on the defensive. When the ground forces fail to stop the Hulk, aboard a command ship, General Ross demands that they drop an air-strike on the Hulk with new experimental missiles. In spite of Betty's protests, the order is complied and an air strike attempts to bombard the Hulk with bombs. However, when they fire the missiles the Hulk slams his fist into the ground causing enough vibration to cause the missiles to fly off course and land wildly, sending the military in retreat.

Watching this, the evil Inhumans argue over what to do with the Hulk after he has defeated the military, thinking that once the monster is done with the army that he will turn his aggression toward them. This causes the evil Inhumans to come to blows, however Maximus manages to calm them down Still able to convince the Hulk to do his bidding, Maximus orders the monster to destroy the command ship. Unaware that Betty is aboard, the Hulk complies with the command, however all aboard the ship manage to parachute to safety.

When Maximus tells Ross, Betty, and Glen Talbot that he intends to kill them the Hulk intervenes and tries to stop Maximus. Furious over the Hulk's concern for these humans, Maximus sets his giant mind controlling robot against the Hulk. In a pitched battle, the Hulk manages to destroy the robot by throwing the entire castle on it. With the robot's destruction, the Inhumans decide to flee, making their escape through a secret tunnel.

When the military regroups, they surround the Hulk and when Betty protests the killing of the Hulk, General Ross explains to her that they are only capturing the Hulk so that they might examine him. Hearing this angers the Hulk, but before either the Hulk or the military can make a move, Maximus and the Inhumans blast out of the ground in an escape ship that flies off into the sky.

In all the confusion, the Hulk manages to make his escape, jumping away from the military before they can capture him, with General Ross swearing after the Hulk that he will eventually capture the monster.

Solicit Synopsis

The green-skinned giant takes on the U.S. army — with Maximus at his back!


Publication Notes

  • This issue is written by both Hulk co-creator Stan Lee and Roy Thomas. Lee will cede the writing chores to Thomas after this issue, but will remain as the series' editor for some time.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Scott Ryer, Alan Giersberg, Danny Miller, Steve Catranis II, Don Thomas, Darryl Hewlett, and Thomas Chicarella.

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