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Quote1.png Men have ever shunned me as one far different... far superior from themselves! Quote2.png
The Leader

Appearing in ""No More the Monster!""

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Synopsis for ""No More the Monster!""

Following the capture of the Hulk, Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four are beginning to activate the device that is supposed to cure Bruce Banner of turning into the Hulk. Powering on the device, it appears to work and the Hulk is transformed back into Bruce Banner. When Banner revives he refuses to participate in any tests and shows the members of the FF that he still can transform into the Hulk, however now he can do so under his own power and still retain his Banner personality and intelligence. Although now in control, he vows never to be come the Hulk again. After convincing the Fantastic Four to let him leave without further testing, Bruce calls Betty to tell her the good news and she flies into New York right away.

The two renew their romance and after spending time together, Bruce proposes to Betty who eagerly accepts. Although they live in relative bliss, Banner is still haunted by the memory of the Hulk and vows to never become that monster again if he can help it.

Meanwhile, back at Gamma Base, General Ross shows Glen Talbot the army's latest invention, a Tripodal Observation Module (aka TOM) a new top secret weapon. They are unaware that the Hulk's old enemy the Leader wishes to take control of the devices and is speeding toward Gamma Base to carry out that very task. Later, Betty and Bruce are called by General Ross asking Bruce to become the Hulk again in order to defend the the TOM from being stolen. Bruce isn't sure what to do, but decides to go and meet General Ross anyway. At the transport site, General Ross apologizes to Bruce for all the hard times he's given him over the years and consents to Bruce marrying Betty. Bruce decides to go along with the convoy and is willing to employ his powers if need be.

As the convoy rolls, the Leader attacks in a specially made jet, and uses his superior mind powers to levitate the TOM and the truck that is carrying it up into the sky. When the truck breaks free of the trailer and begins to plummet to the Earth, Bruce changes into the Hulk and saves the driver, then continues after the Leader.

Entering the nearby woods, the Hulk is attacked by the Leader who has activated and is now piloting the TOM. As the battle progresses the Hulk loses his temper and smashes the TOM and grabs the Leader. However, before Bruce can crush the Leader, he realizes that he's lost control and panics allowing the Leader to struggle free and escape. Bruce then changes back to his human form and laments over the fact that he almost killed someone, and vows never to become the Hulk again, not even if his life depends on it.

Solicit Synopsis

The Leader is back — and out for vengeance! And if he can't find the Hulk, then Bruce Banner will do! A thriller!


Continuity Notes

  • This is the second time that Banner gains the ability to maintain his mind while in the form of the Hulk. He had done so previously in Tales to Astonish #70 although that eventually faded away by Tales to Astonish #73. This time around, Banner also has the ability to change back for forth between his human and Hulk forms. But this recent permutation is short lived as it's taken away in Incredible Hulk #124.
  • Bruce also proposes to Betty in this issue, but their wedding is interrupted next issue as well. The couple are not officially married until Incredible Hulk #319.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Mark S. Cole, Randy Myers, Lee A. Ruff, Michael Glenn Avery, Lester Ingber, and Jess Unger.

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