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Quote1.png Lead me to the Hulk... now! The Rhino'll make mincemeat out of 'im!! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""The Rhino Says No!""

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Synopsis for ""The Rhino Says No!""

When news about Bruce Banner's impending marriage to Betty Ross reaches him, the Leader vows to use the event to attack his foe and destroy him once and for all. Tracking Banner down to where he and Betty are out for a boat ride, the Leader contemplates destroying Banner with a missile but then decides that he will not kill his foe in such a manner because it would not be fitting of his desire for revenge. The Leader then decides to use one of the Hulk's old foes to destroy his hated enemy. After thinking over the most likely candidates, the Leader decides to select the Rhino -- who has been believed dead since his last encounter with the Hulk but has actually survived and spent his time in a coma under hospital care.

As General Ross invites Betty and Bruce over to give them his blessing and tells them they can have their wedding at the General's own home, the Leader sends his Super-Humanoid to collect the Rhino's unconscious body. With no challenging opposition, the Super-Humanoid succeeds and brings the Rhino to the Leader's secret lab, where the mastermind uses his advanced technology to revive the Rhino and recreate his Rhino suit and amplifies the Rhino's strength.

After the Rhino destroys the Super-Humanoid as a test, the Leader dispatches the Rhino to do his bidding. During the wedding of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, the Leader arrives with a gamma ray device disguised as a fuel truck and uses it to fire a beam of gamma radiation into the house. This causes Bruce to transform into the Hulk, who has reverted back to his normal brutish persona.

Confused as to why he is surrounded by people he believes to be his enemies, the Hulk smashes the home and is instantly attacked by the Rhino. As the house collapses General Ross is injured, and the Leader attempts to take a shot at the Hulk with his weapon and hits the Rhino instead. Furious at being hit, the Rhino charges at the Leader, who tries to escape. The Rhino grabs the vessel and as it flies off into the sky it suddenly explodes, seemingly killing them both.

The Hulk departs the scene as paramedics show up to take General Ross into hospital care. Glenn Talbot tries to comfort Betty by telling her that he will see to it personally that the Hulk will be destroyed.

Solicit Synopsis

Bruce Banner and Betty Ross married? The Rhino says No—and so does the revenge-crazed Leader! A milestone!


Continuity Notes

  • Although their first attempt to get married fails here, Bruce and Betty eventually get married in Incredible Hulk #319.
  • Banner's ability to control his transformations into the Hulk while also retaining his own mind, gained last issue are lost here.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Frank Campbell, Charles Steurer, Ken Richard Adams, Tim Head, Kenneth Kraft, and David Handy.

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