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Quote1 I can absorb the strength of livin' things... as easily as metal or rock! That means I can add your might... to my own! Quote2
Absorbing Man (Carl Creel)

Appearing in "...And Now, the Absorbing Man!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • Harvey's Car (Destroyed)
  • X-890 Rocket

Synopsis for "...And Now, the Absorbing Man!"

As the Hulk wanders, he tries to remember what he was doing, having vague recollections of his alter ego Bruce Banner's near-marriage to Betty Ross. The memories of Banner's failed wedding cause Hulk great emotional pain, sending Hulk on a rampage, scaring off some beach-goers before passing out and reverting back into Banner.

Meanwhile at a California Air Force base, Major Talbot is called in, receiving word that a highly radioactive comet is heading toward Earth. He reports this to General Ross, recuperating in the hospital after an injury from the Hulk. Glenn tells General Ross and Betty of the impending danger. Ross orders Talbot to call in all available troops.

Miles away, Bruce revives, overhearing on an abandoned radio of the danger and rushes towards the base. Surrendering to the military and offering his aid, Talbot agrees to let Banner pilot the new X-890 nuclear warhead to destroy the comet. Succeeding, Bruce takes aboard an unknown stowaway: The Absorbing Man, exiled to the comet sometime after his last battle against Thor. As the rocket returns to Earth, the Absorbing Man tries to attack Banner in the cockpit. Seeing the Absorbing Man on the rear monitor, Bruce is upset enough to transform into the Hulk. The two fight on the rocket until it crashes to the Earth.

The crash doesn't phase the two combatants, with the Absorbing Man relying on his powers to beat the Hulk in combat. During the fight, the Absorbing Man continues to absorb the Hulk's strength, turning it against him. Knocking him out, the Absorbing Man is about to crush the Hulk with a portion of a mountainside. However, the Hulk reverts back to Banner, causing the Absorbing Man to instead absorb Banner's lesser strength. Unable to support the weight, the stone begins to crumble as Absorbing Man frantically reapplies properties. Reacting too late, he breaks into pieces. Getting away but knocked unconscious by the shockwaves, Bruce Banner is safe from danger... except, who are these people watching from the shadows?

Solicit Synopsis

The Absorbing man is back—and ol' Green-Skin's got him! Or—is it the other way around? The answer'll rock ya!


Continuity Notes[]

  • The Absorbing Man recalls how he was trapped in space by Odin. This happened in Journey Into Mystery #123 (Incorrectly referenced as Thor Vol 1 123 in this issue).

Publication Notes[]

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from George Rudolph, D. Forman, Steve Sparrs, Bob Franzen, Comics Books Anonymous Rehabilitation C/0 Allen Brennert, Tim Schoap, Dana Snow, and Joey McAllister.


  • This issue was adapted into the 1978 Incredible Hulk Viewmaster reel (J 26) by Gaf.

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