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Quote1.png By the Seraphim's silent chant... and by Munnopor's mystic moon... may omniscient Oshtur grant... this fateful boon! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in ""Where Stalks the Night-Crawler""

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Synopsis for ""Where Stalks the Night-Crawler""

Bruce Banner's unconscious body is picked up by a cult led by Van Nyborg in order to be a vessel they send into another dimension to free their masters the Undying Ones. Although Banner refuses to do so, the cultists use their magic to change him into the Hulk and send him into the realm of the Night-Crawler, a being who rules over a universe that is next to the realm of the Undying Ones.

Hulk destroys Night-Crawler's universe

When member Barbara Norriss has second thoughts about what they are doing, she too is tossed into the universe with the Hulk. The Hulk is confronted by the Night-Crawler. In the ensuing battle, the Hulk's thunderclap sends back the Night-Crawler's sonic beams, destroying the entire universe. The Night-Crawler transports himself, Hulk and Barbara into the universe of the Undying Ones. Battling the Nameless One and its minions, the Hulk and Barbara find that Dr. Strange has been holding back the forces of the Undying Ones with a spell that required a human host to stay in said realm.

Strange helps fight back the forces, but during the fight, Barbara -- feeling guilt over what the members of her cult had done -- takes Strange's place to keep the Undying Ones in their realm, fulfilling Van Nyborg's plan to make her a sacrifice, but not in the way he had in mind. Strange and Hulk are then returned to New York City. Strange gives Banner a new set of clothes, and both leave Dr. Strange's sanctum. Strange has decided that he needs time away to be Stephen Strange again, and the two go their separate ways.


Continuity Notes

  • Doctor Strange has been trapped in the domain of the Undying Ones since he trapped himself there in Sub-Mariner #22.
  • Although called the Night-Crawler here, this demon is later renamed the Dark Crawler so as not to confuse him with the X-Man of the same name.
  • Although Barbara Norris traps herself in the dimension of the Undying Ones, she is later freed and bonded with the essence of the Valkyrie in Defenders #3.
  • Although Doctor Strange apparently retires as Sorcerer Supreme in this story, he is forced back into the role in Marvel Feature #1 when he discovers that Baron Mordo attempted to take his place.
  • This story, and Sub-Mariner Vol 1 22 before it, are a prelude to the formation of the Defenders, which occurs in Marvel Feature Vol 1 1.

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