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Quote1.png You cannot be my friend... Nobody's friend! You are a robot! Quote2.png
The Hulk

Appearing in ""Mogol!""

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Mogol (First and only known appearance; dies)


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Synopsis for ""Mogol!""

Wandering New York City following his encounter with Dr. Strange, Bruce Banner is lost in thought when he is clipped by a speeding truck. The blow causes him to transform into the Hulk who then goes on a rampage. However, the Hulk becomes confused and stops his temper tantrum when the people around him, including the police officers, trying to stop him suddenly vanish. The perplexed beast is totally unaware that his old foe Tyrannus has been trying to teleport the jade giant to his underground kingdom with a new experimental teleportation ray and has yet to be successful.

Needing an anchor to lock onto the Hulk, Tyrannus sends his mysterious new agent, the gigantic powerhouse named Mogol, to travel to the surface and attempt to get the Hulk to join his ranks in his efforts to take back control of the Fountain of Youth which has been captured by Tyrannus' enemy the Mole Man. Teleporting Mogol near the Hulk on the surface, Mogol's request to the Hulk to help Tyrannus is denied when the Hulk, vaguely remembering his old foe, attacks Mogol. Their fight takes them smashing through the street into a subway tunnel below. When they are almost struck by a subway train, the Hulk tries to destroy it. Finding such an action pointless, Mogol tries to stop the Hulk and their battle begins anew. However, during the fight, Mogol lands on the third rail of the train track, which although does not hurt the giant, somehow holds him in place. Mogol manages to convince the Hulk to not only stop fighting and help him but convinces the Hulk to be his friend. When the two take each other's hand in friendship they are teleported to the kingdom of Tyrannus, and during their time there Mogol and Hulk form a solid and genuine friendship.

The underworld ruler has them construct battlements for his army before pushing a campaign against the Mole Man. Having anticipated such an attack, and knowing the "secret" regarding Mogol's past, the Mole Man sends an army of Moloids to counter-attack. During the fight the Moloids fire a heat ray at Mogol, revealing his secret: that he is a robot programmed by Tyrannus that had no idea about its origins. Feeling betrayed, the Hulk attacks Mogol, ripping the robot apart. Despite its claims that it is truly the Hulk's friend, the Hulk rends it to pieces and crushes its computer memory. With Mogol destroyed, Tyrannus commands the Hulk to destroy the Mole Man's palace. The Hulk complies then jumps to the realm of Tyrannus and gives it similar treatment. With both kingdoms destroyed, the depressed and confused Hulk wanders off into the darkening tunnels below the Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

From dim, dark caverns beneath the earth comes—Mogol the Mighty! Strong enough to defeat the Hulk—or to help him destroy the world!


Continuity Notes

  • Tyrannus mentions his ongoing feud with the Mole Man, recounting the events of Tales to Astonish #8081, although it has continued since in the pages in X-Men #34.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from William Bell, Rick Amos, Nils Osmar, Tim Head, Shirley A. Gorman, and Jess Unger.

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