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"Thunderbolt" Ross

Appearing in "Day of Thunder -- Night of Death!"

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  • S.S Conrad

Synopsis for "Day of Thunder -- Night of Death!"

Jim Wilson is seriously injured following the Hulk's fight with Hydra, and the green monster tries in vain to revive the boy when the military arrives. General Ross approaches the Hulk alone and tries to appeal to the green giant, but the Hulk is about to smash Ross when Jim revives long enough to convince the Hulk not to attack and let Ross give him the medical attention he needs. The Hulk agrees and is about to walk away when General Ross tries a bid to gain the monsters friendship. However, a trigger happy soldier loses his cool and attacks the Hulk when the monster takes a step too close to the General, prompting the Hulk to attack the military and then flee.

The Hulk ends up in a shipping yard where he seeks shelter in a crate destined for Morvania, and sleeps the entire trip there. The country itself is ruled by a dictator named Draxon who rules the once peaceful nation with an iron fist. During a procession of soldiers, a little girl named Rachel asks her father Isaac if things were always this way, to which he, a secret freedom fighter, tells her that they were not, and someday things will be as they were in the old days. Isaac is hushed by his wife who fears that one of the soldiers or Draxon himself may hear his treasonous words.

Draxon meanwhile is waiting in his castle for a shipment of components that he will use to make new powerful weapons with which he hopes to take over the Mediterranean and then the rest of the world. However, one of these crates is the one which the Hulk stowed away in, and the monster awakens and smashes out of the crate, confused about where he is. Draxon offers the Hulk an alliance, offering him the entire continent of Europe if the Hulk helps conquer the world. Uninterested the Hulk declines the offer and Draxon orders his men to attack. The powerful weapons they are using succeed in blasting the Hulk off the castle, but this only infuriates the Hulk, who begins smashing the castle and sending Draxon and his men fleeing. Seeing a rush of soldiers returning to the castle for back-up, Rachel tells her father, who decides that now is the time for an uprising and leaves his wife and daughter in order to gather the other resistance fighters together.

Meanwhile, the Hulk has cornered Draxon and grabs the dictator. The Hulk tells Draxon that he likes this country and he intends to stay, and warns Draxon to leave him alone or he will smash the dictator's empire. The Hulk then leaves the scene, with Draxon vowing to get revenge against the monster.

The Hulk happens upon little Rachel who is playing near a pond and hoping that her father can return home, as when he is around she feels that nothing can harm her.

Solicit Synopsis

Our green goliath battles the legions of the power-crazed dictator called Draxon - alone in a far-flung clime! It's gotta be had, lad!


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from John Ostapkovich, Lon Rombough, Randy Pierce, Thomas Curtiss, and Richard C. Drummond.
  • The cover of this issue is signed HERBILL.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#391-Z.


  • The final panels of this issue, showing the little girl Rachel picking flowers with the Hulk looming out of the foliage behind her is a visual allusion to a similar scene in Frankenstein (particularly the famous 1931 film version). Frankenstein was one of the original inspirations for the Hulk, as a tragic misunderstood monster.

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