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-- The Hulk

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Synopsis for "Among Us Walks... the Golem"

The Hulk has found himself in the dictatorship of Morvania where he decides to stay in peace after warning the dictator Draxon to stay out of his way. The Hulk's wanderings bring him to meet a little girl named Rachel, who's father Isaac is forming a resistance army to over throw the evil dictator. Rachel believes that the Hulk is really the Golem, a mythical creature created in the Prague centuries ago by Judah Loew ben Bazalel who created the clay being to protect his people from persecution.

When she brings the Hulk to her home, her parents are frightened and try to defend themselves, making the Hulk flee. When Rachel tells her father that she believes that the Hulk is the Golem coming to rescue them, Isaac recounts the legend and wonders if perhaps the Hulk can aid them in overthrowing Draxon. The Hulk continues his wandering about the land, trying to find an ideal place to live. Finding the villagers frightened of him, the Hulk finally finds a place to stay in an abandoned village.

Meanwhile, the dictator Draxon is furious over the Hulk's continued presence and that the locals are starting to believe that he is the Golem of legend. He decides to leave the monster be as he is still in control of the country and recalls how he managed to take over by force and take possession of the royal jewels that designate their possessors as king.

That night, the Hulk is visited by the resistance movement who plead for him to help them overthrow Draxon. The Hulk refuses to join their cause, explaining his agreement with Draxon, prompting them to leave disappointed. Isaac and the others are unaware that one of their number is really a spy for Draxon. The traitor tells Draxon of the movement's failure to recruit the Hulk and that they plan on attacking the castle from the village that night.

Sure enough, Isaac and his men take out all the soldiers in the city and take one of their trucks up to the castle to begin their rebellion. However, they find Draxon waiting with his super-weapons fully constructed. They are easily overpowered and end up being pinned down and forced to stay on the defensive. As the battle rages, little Rachel finds the Hulk and her tears convince the monster to help save her father.

The Hulk easily crushes Draxon's army, and when Draxon himself tries to attack the Hulk in a high-tech tank, the Hulk easily destroys the device, killing Draxon in the process. With Draxon defeated, Isaac gives the Hulk the royal jewels and asks him to be their new king. Uninterested in such things the Hulk crushes the jewels, leaving the people of Morvania to their own fate.

Solicit Synopsis

"Among Us Walks - the Golem!" And wait till you learn his amazing true identity! The mood-masterpiece of the year!


Publication Notes

  • This issue features a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Dr. John D. Beach, John S. Morrison, Paul Klein, Robert S. Frazier, and Thomas Czaplicki.

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