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Quote1.png You're a brave man, Banner... Far braver than I've ever given you credit for! Quote2.png
"Thunderbolt" Ross

Appearing in "Klaatu! The Behemoth from Beyond Space!"

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Synopsis for "Klaatu! The Behemoth from Beyond Space!"

Having revived from his adventure through time somewhere in modern day Europe, Bruce Banner hitches a ride to a NATO unit and is personally escorted back to the United States under the supervision of General Ross and Glenn Talbot, on a steady dose of tranquilizers to keep him from transforming into the Hulk. Along the way, Ross tells Bruce that both Betty (who suffered a nervous breakdown) and Jim (who was injured by Hydra) are recovering well together.

As they fly into New York and pass the Empire State Building, some invisible force near it causes Bruce to suddenly transform into the Hulk, smash out of the plane, and climb up the building. As this is happening the same force appears to be draining all the electricity out of the city. Suddenly in space, a giant space vessel appears and Xeron the Star-Slayer is dispatched to Earth. This alien being has been dispatched by his masters to destroy a creature known as Klaatu, an energy creature that is "from beyond space."

When the Hulk reaches the top of the ESB, he is shocked by the arrival of Xeron and the sudden appearance of the gigantic Klaatu. Confused by the whole tableau unfolding the Hulk decides to attack Klaatu. However, he's beneath the creature's notice and it simply swats him out of the way before disappearing again.

Furious over the Hulk's involvement, Xeron has his slaves "row" his hunting ship toward the Hulk so that they may capture them. The Hulk has revived and tries to fight off Xeron and his men. Xeron, however, uses his energy harpoon to incapacitate the Hulk, draining him of enough energy to knock the green giant out and make him easy for capture. Taken aboard the ship, the Hulk revives and learns that his old foe the Abomination has a high ranking position aboard the ship.

Solicit Synopsis

From beyond time and space comes the behemoth Klaatu - and the one they call Xeron the Star-Slayer! Do you need any more clues to know - this is the big one!


Continuity Notes

  • Although not outright stated, it's suggested that Banner landed somewhere in Germany. The comment about "our guys" finding Banner instead of "theirs" is a vague reference to the fact that in the 1970s Germany was split between the East and the West. The West being run by a communist government. This should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
  • In the scene where one of the Con-Edison employees relates the current crisis to the Northeast blackout of 1965 as though that event were something that happened in recent memory. This should also be considered a topical reference.
  • When the Hulk last saw the Abomination he was being taken into space by the Stranger as seen in Tales to Astonish #92. Since then he broke free from the Stranger following the events of Thor #178. How he ended up aboard the Andromeda is revealed next issue.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Gary Chun, Bill Szymanski, and Sgt. Michael L. Kuhne.


  • The Russian dialogue in this story translates as follows:
    • скоро кончается наше путешествие = Our journey comes to an end soon.
    • Владимир, смотри! какой-то чужой корабль подходит = Vladimir, look! Some alien ship approaches!
    • Мать Россий-Что-Ж было? = Mother Russia! What was that?

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