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Emil Blonsky

Appearing in "The Stars, Mine Enemy!"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Andromeda Crew
    • Cerexo (First and only known appearance)
    • Ztlol (First appearance)
    • Other unnamed aliens



Synopsis for "The Stars, Mine Enemy!"

Forced aboard the a ship of aliens hunting the alien creature Klaatu, the Hulk is once more face to face with his old foe the Abomination who is First Mate aboard the vessel. Naturally, the Hulk and Abomination begin fighting, however the fight is soon broken up by Xeron the Starslayer who tells the Abomination that the Hulk will be useful in their hunt of Klaatu. An alien named Cerexo takes the the Hulk with him and explains that they have been all consigned to hunt down the illusive Klaatu and that they had found the Abomination in their chase, and since his addition to the crew the monster has killed his way into the position of First Mate.

The Hulk spends his time thereafter being forced to row the giant space ship, and live and work among the aliens, all the while the Abomination is plotting his revenge on the Hulk. One day the Hulk is out watching the Earth in the distance when the Abomination attacks from behind, knocking the Hulk into space, Xeron and the others pull the Hulk back aboard the ship and Xeron warns the Abomination not to try another attempt on the Hulk's life. Just then they are summoned to meet the captain of the vessel, an alien named Cybor.

In Cybor's presence, the Hulk is told by the half alien half machine that he has been on a quest to destroy Klaatu ever since the creature destroyed half his body. The Hulk is then sent back to his room where he suddenly reverts back into Bruce Banner. Although he is without the Hulk's great strength, Banner is put aboard one of the hunting vessels to row with the other aliens on their next trek to hunt down and kill Klaatu.

During the hunt, Banner is knocked loose and is attacked by the Abomination, causing him to transform back into the Hulk. Cybor meanwhile harpoons Klaatu, but gets pulled and gets stuck on the creature as it flies into the sun killing him and seemingly destroying itself. Xeron and the others, on a damaged vessel, realize that their fate is numbered as well, with no means of returning to their ship and their artificial atmosphere on a limited supply, they too will meet their eventual end.

The Hulk and Abomination continued their fight, their blows bringing them close to Earth's atmosphere to be pulled in by the planet's gravity sending them into a free fall to the planet's surface.

Solicit Synopsis

The cataclysmic conclusion to the most far-out Hulk saga of all! And - the long-awaited fight-to-the-finish between ol' Greenskin and the awesome Abomination!


Continuity Notes

  • Although they seemingly perish in the sun at the end of this story, both Klaatu and Cybor survive and are seen again in Incredible Hulk #306.
  • Likewise does the Abomination survive re-entry into Earth's atmosphere and is seen again in Incredible Hulk #159.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronologies of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • Cover art: colours by Severin.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from John Young, James Charles Pierce, Dave Manners, and John Scrofani.


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