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Bruce Banner/Hulk

Appearing in "The Brute... That Shouted Love... At the Heart of the Atom!"

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Synopsis for "The Brute... That Shouted Love... At the Heart of the Atom!"

Continued from Avengers Vol 1 88...

The Avengers have just broken into the lair of Psyklop who was attempting to shrink the Hulk down to size for better study. However, while Psyklop was distracted by the Avengers attack, the Hulk is exposed to the shrink ray longer than Psyklop intended, and the Hulk soon finds himself shrunk down to microscopic size. Psyklop then transports the Avengers back to New York before trying to figure out what happened to the Hulk.

The Hulk has appeared on a micro-world where he is attacked by a giant boa-like creature, which he easily kills with his super strength. Jumping in great leaps the Hulk comes spots a large city and begins to travel towards it. On the way, he notices that the city is under attack by giant boars, and so the Hulk fights off the creatures.

The Hulk finds that the people of this city are green skinned just like him, and praise him as a hero, and is brought before their leader princess Jarella. Unable to understand their language, Jarella has some of her best sorcerers to use their magic powers to teach the Hulk their language. In doing so they also manage to awaken Bruce Banner's mind in the Hulk's body. Jarella takes the Hulk as her consort.

That night, Lord Visis, who plots to usurp Jarellas thrown sends assassins to kill the Hulk, however, the Hulk manages to fight off his attackers and defeat Visis and put him to trial for his crimes, where he is sent to exile. With Visis defeated, the Hulk and Jarella plan to marry. However, at that point, Psyklops has tracked down the Hulk and arrives on Jarella's micro-world in giant size and seizes the Hulk and takes him back to Earth.

On Earth, the Hulk reverts back to his normal mentality and goes on a rampage, easily defeating Psyklop and escaping, which leaves Psyklop at the mercy of the Dark Gods who punish him for his failure.

Solicit Synopsis

This one winds up the tale that begins in AVENGERS Vol 1 88! But it's a brand new ball game - as our green-skinned golem takes on a world he never made - at the heart of the atom!


Continuity Notes

  • This story suggests that Jarella's world exists in a mote of dust. This is not accurate at all. Although the Microverse is accessed by shrinking in size, in reality, a reduction in mass causes you to be shunted to another dimension, as stated in Fantastic Four #282.
  • The true identity of the "Dark Gods" that appear here is unknown as many different races and groups have been called by this name.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Harry Walder, Jr., Drake Skinnors, Bob Rozakis, Michael Maslow, and William Higgins.


  • Roy Thomas hid over 20 references to the work of Harlan Ellison in the script for this issue.[1]

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