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Doc Samson

Appearing in "His Name is... Samson!"

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  • Several planes and cars

Synopsis for "His Name is... Samson!"

Following his return from the Microverse, the Hulk is plagued with vague memories of a woman named Jarella, a love that he vaguely remembers. While elsewhere, the military is transporting the glass form of Betty Ross. In an attempt to cure Betty of her condition, General Ross has hired psychiatrist Leonard Samson, who has some theories on how to cure Betty Ross, but it involves them capturing the Hulk.

When the Hulk is spotted on a rampage in a nearby town, Samson, Talbot and Ross all confront the beast. When the Hulk tries to attack them, they show him a projected image of Betty and ask the Hulk for his help in curing her. Calmed by the image of Betty, the Hulk changes back into Bruce Banner who agrees to help out in any way he can.

Taking Bruce back to the base, they hook him and Betty up to a Cathexis Ray device that would siphon the gamma radiation pumped out of Bruce's body while he transforms into the Hulk and bombard Betty's glass form. As a boon, Bruce would also be cured of being turned into the Hulk. When they use the device, Bruce transforms into the Hulk, however, the drain of gamma ray energy causes Bruce to revert back to normal. The experiment proves to be a success however and Betty and Bruce are cured.

Left alone in his lab, Leonard Samson begins initiating his other intention of involving himself in the fate of the Hulk: Bombarding himself with the gamma radiation siphoned from the Hulk's body in a controlled burst. Succeeding in his experiment, Samson is endowed with long green hair and super-human strength. Samson takes on a new costumed persona of Doc Samson and then begins fighting crime as well as courting Betty Ross, much to Bruce's chagrin.

Furious, Bruce sneaks into a lab and once more bombards himself with gamma radiation turning himself into the Hulk once more. The Hulk then tracks down and fights Doc Samson, whom the Hulk manages to overpower. However, when Betty arrives on the scene and calls out to Leonard in concern, the Hulk stops his attack and leaves Betty to escort Leonard away to safety.

Solicit Synopsis

Bruce Banner is the Hulk - no more! But what could make him risk his very life to become once again the green-skinned man-monster? Nothing except - Doc Samson!


Continuity Notes

  • Unknown to all, Doc Samson's research was actually funded by AIM and MODOK, as revealed in Hulk (Vol. 2) #18.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Mark Sigal, Michael W. Barr, Michael N. Tierstein, Derick Falowasky, Karl Robenhold, and Randy Mitchell.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#584-Z.

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