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The Hulk

Appearing in "They Shoot Hulks, Don't They?"

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Synopsis for "They Shoot Hulks, Don't They?"

The Hulk has returned to New York City where he decides to sleep tucked in the arms of the Statue of Liberty. His choice of sleeping space does not go unnoticed and it soon makes the front page of the newspaper. This story attracts the attention of socialites Malicia and Reggie Parrington who decide to try and do a benefit for the Hulk, believing that the monster has been persecuted and discriminated against. When their daughter Samantha suggests that they do a benefit for her Women's Lib movement, they decline since one of their associates had done one previously.

The Parringtons then use their influence and money to get a boat to Liberty Island, where Samantha trips up the military security guard they have posted there to keep the public away. Samantha then travels to the top of the Statue where she convinces the Hulk to leave with them and participate in the benefit. When they bring the Hulk to the mainland, Reggie takes all the credit for getting the Hulk much to Samantha's chagrin.

As the socialites have their rich friends over for a cocktail party with the Hulk as the guest of honor, Samantha decides to ditch the party to participate in another Women's Lib protest. Witnessing this tableau unfold, the Enchantress decides to use it as a means of getting revenge against the Hulk. She uses her magic to change Samantha into a host body for the Valkyrie and sends her after the Hulk.

Back at the party, the Hulk is given a large sum of money that has been collected on his behalf. The Hulk, having no use for money, simply dumps the money on the ground, finding the whole experience exasperating. Just then the Valkyrie smashes through the wall and attacks the Hulk. Their battle rages out into the streets where the Valkyrie manages to best the Hulk in combat and carry him to the top of the Empire State Building where she tosses him to his doom. Going down to check the body, she is shocked to find that the Hulk is still alive. The Hulk not wanting to fight a woman, ends up being the brunt of another attack, however, when he knocks Valkyrie's staff out of her hands the spell reverses changing Samantha back to normal.

As a side effect of the spells reversal, the Hulk is also transformed back into Bruce Banner, who is exasperated by the whole experience and leaves the confused Samantha to wander off wondering if she dreamed the whole thing, leaving behind the staff of Valkyrie in the rubble.

Solicit Synopsis

Wouldja believe - a fundraising party for Ol' Greenskin! Plus, the sensational return of the vengeful Valkyrie! When these two meet - it's Action City!


Continuity Notes

  • A great deal of dated references occur in this story. In particular, the references to the New York society scene of the 1970s. References to these individuals, references to the Black Panthers, Grape-Pickers, the Friends of the Earth, Truman Capote, the Women's Liberation Movement of the 1970s, Norman Mailer, Che Guevara, as well as appearances by Paul Zindel, Vilgot Sjoman, Don Cox and Tom Wolfe should all be considered Topical References per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
  • A local man mentions how the Sub-Mariner took over Prison Island. He is referring to the events of Sub-Mariner #39.
  • The Hulk mistakes a socialite for Jarella, whom he met in Incredible Hulk #140.
  • The Enchantress mentions her past defeat in Avengers #83 and her previous battle with the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #102 (incorrectly referred to as Incredible Hulk Vol 1 101 in this story). Although it appears that the Enchantress merely gives Samantha Parrington super-powers, in reality she is really bonding her to the essence of the true Valkyrie, as explained in Defenders #4.

Publication Notes

  • This page features a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Richard Weiss, Gary Insley, Mike Arnot, David Mitchell, and Shirley Gorman.


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