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Appearing in "Sanctuary!"

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  • Dr. Doom's flagcar

Synopsis for "Sanctuary!"

Following his most recent rampage as the Hulk, Bruce Banner finds himself the subject of a manhunt, with authorities and military officials scouring all of New York City to try and find him. With the police chasing him and desperate to make a getaway, Banner is picked up by Dr. Doom and taken to the sanctuary of the Latverian Embassy, where Doom's diplomatic immunity protects Banner.

Despite this, General Ross, Major Talbot, and Betty Ross arrive outside the Latverian embassy and ask Doom to release Banner into their custody. They are joined by Doc Samson, who reveals to them that he has learned that his strength is affected by the length of his hair and offers his aid. Ross orders him to stand down when suddenly, Doom apparently releases the Hulk. This is, in reality, a robot duplicate of the Hulk, and when the military is forced to shoot at the monster, they believe that they have killed the Hulk, a realization that upsets everyone as they did not wish to destroy the Hulk at the cost of Bruce Banner's life.

When Banner realizes that Dr. Doom had planned their meeting all along, he attempts to transform into the Hulk, but Doom knocks him out with a powerful gas. With Banner now his prisoner he orders the scientist to be loaded up in one of his crafts and taken back to Latveria.

Arriving in his native country, Dr. Doom has Bruce Banner taken down to his laboratory where he plugs him into a subliminal inducer, a device he hopes to use to subvert the Hulk into following his cause and send him out to ravage the world so that Doom can become the supreme master of the Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

It had to happen! Ol' Greenskin finally meets - Dr. Doom! But will these two titans clash in deadly battle - or team up to conquer mankind? Don't miss the shocker we call - "Sanctuary!"


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