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Quote1.png Hulk does not like to hit women -- but maybe he changes him mind ... this time! Quote2.png
The Incredible Hulk

Appearing in "Part One: And the Measure of a Man Is... Death! / Part Two: Man-Trap!"

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Other Characters:

  • Army of Israel (First appearance)
    • Ground Army (First appearance)
    • Air Force (First appearance)
  • Gordon
  • Mr. Goldberg

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Synopsis for "Part One: And the Measure of a Man Is... Death! / Part Two: Man-Trap!"

As the Hulk trudges across the desert trying to find his way home, General Ross has begun construction of Project: Greenskin's headquarters. As they are talking, Jim Wilson is disgusted and asks to be taken home. Before they can react there is a sudden flash of light, however, General Ross dismisses their attention to it and suddenly has a shift in personality and snaps at Doc Samson before leaving with Major Glenn Talbot to prepare for the upcoming Presidential inspection of Project: Greenskin. Betty is concerned by her father's sudden change in temperament.

The Hulk meanwhile has found himself in Israeli territory and is attacked by a female soldier, pitting him against the Israeli army which the Hulk easily swats aside before leaping away. Jim Wilson meanwhile is taken off Project: Greenskin's location by a soldier who attempts to kill him. Moving fast, Jim deflects the killing shot from a ray gun back at the soldier which causes their car to drive off a cliff. Jumping clear, Jim scales down the cliff to inspect the wreckage and finds that the person who tried to kill him wasn't a man at all, but a life like robot. The Hulk meanwhile has found his way to an airport, recognizing an American commercial airline, the Hulk hops on the wing in the hope that it will bring him home. The incident gets the attention of the military who is monitoring the flight, the military has a plan for the Hulk and seeing as he's on the plane they wait to see what the Hulk will do next instead of potentially endangering the passengers by firing at the plane.

Jim Wilson meanwhile goes to warn General Ross about the robot that attempted to kill him, although Ross tells Jim that he will learn whatever he can about what happened, Jim is suspicious. That night he sneaks back onto the military base and hidden in the basement he finds life like robot duplicates of President Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew. Jim is then confronted by whom he believes to be Glenn Talbot, but it turns out to be the Leader in disguise. The Leader and what in reality turns out to be a robot duplicate of General Ross take Jim captive and locks him up with the real General Ross and Glenn Talbot.

The Leader explains that he switched places with Glenn and replaced Ross with a robot duplicate earlier in the day and that he intends to replace the president and vice president with robot duplicates, however with news that the Hulk is on his way back to America, the Leader hopes to destroy the Hulk once and for all.

Solicit Synopsis

The Leader returns - with the wildest, most macabre scheme of all! And what can Greenskin do - with half the world up in arms against him?


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  • No letters page is published this issue.

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